Embedded scheduling for business communications

Cronofy integrates with your ATS

Embedded scheduling for business communications

  • Schedule appointments from within chatbots, text messages, surveys, and more
  • Book follow up calls based on users’ real-time availability
  • Avoid double-bookings by syncing booked appointments to users’ calendars in real time
  • Provide a better scheduling experience for your users and their customers

Examples of better scheduling

  • Patients can book appointments with doctors via a chatbot
  • Training sessions can be scheduled from within HR software
  • Team meetings can be booked around employees’ schedules
  • Customer satisfactions surveys can be sent via text message, then follow-up calls scheduled with a representative
  • Interviews – of any kind – take up to 99% less time to organize
  • Connect students with mentors based on both their availabilities
  • Employees can schedule calls with HR after feedback surveys

"Cronofy’s documentation, sample apps and support is excellent and has enabled a fast and painless calendar integration. Not having to integrate with different calendar providers and having almost no maintenance to speak of has allowed us to focus on delivering scheduling solutions based on the real-time availability of our users quickly."

David Wennergren
CTO, TeamTailor
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Embeddable UI Elements

  • Provide scheduling without interrupting the flow of a conversation with the Slot Picker
  • Show users which calendars they’ve synced – and allow them to connect and disconnect easily – with Calendar Sync
  • Let users choose their working hours with Availability Rules. Give them the chance to block out uninterrupted time for deep work and lunch breaks
  • Give users back their time – appointments can be booked based on the availability of multiple attendees and an available meeting room

Real-time calendar sync

  • Sync to any combination of the five major calendar services: Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook.com, Office 365, and Exchange (even on-premise)
  • Work with past, present, and future versions of each calendar service
  • Users can sync as many calendars as they need to
  • Send trackable calendar invites to ensure someone has added an appointment to their calendar

Speed up development time

  • Release new features faster
  • Say goodbye to ongoing maintenance
  • Spend more time building features, not troubleshooting
  • Rest assured that Cronofy is built with privacy and security as a priority, not an afterthought
  • Connect to the calendars of an entire organization

Your privacy is paramount

Security is at the core of what we do. We have the best practices to ensure privacy is never compromised.

ISO27001 certified

ISO27018 certified

ISO27701 certified

SOC 2 attested

GDPR compliant

CCPA compliant

HIPAA compliant

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