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Reduce the cost of missed appointments

Whatever the reason for a missed appointment, they can cost companies hundreds of dollars a day if not more. When a client forgets to notify a business about their change of plans, restaurant tables, beauty treatments and doctor’s appointments are lost.

With the Cronofy Calendar API, appointments can be automatically added to a customer’s calendar. If the customer needs to make any changes or cancel their booking, they can do so from their calendar app of choice. Their changes will then be sent to everyone affected in real-time.

Keep personal appointments private

Handling a customer’s appointments can mean dealing with sensitive data, and having access to personal calendar information that your user doesn’t want you to see and that you don’t need to access.

Most of our clients only want to see if a user is free or busy. If that’s the level of detail you need, your customer data will be encrypted and protected by Cronofy – there’s no need to worry about handling private data on your end.

"The integration itself was a straightforward project and the lines of communication were open between our two development teams. We would recommend an API integration with Cronofy to anyone looking to hook external calendar functionality to their app."

Leah Hutcheon
Founder & CEO, Appointedd
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Prevent double-bookings

Double-booking is a common problem for both companies and customers. Busy personal and professional schedules can conflict and it can be difficult to find a time when everyone and everything is free.

The Cronofy Availability API helps to prevent this by setting up booking flows offering available time slots. If that time becomes unavailable, it’s removed from the booking system. When the user books an appointment it is added to the synced calendars. Should your users wish to change their booking time, you can set up our API to only suggest new times where their requirements are met.

Avoid late arrivals

Journeys can be unpredictable: traffic or bad weather can lead to customers turning up late or missing their appointments.

Cronofy allows for geolocation details to be added to a calendar event. A calendar notification can then be sent to the customer informing them of what time they need to leave to make their appointment on time. That means there’s less chance of customers getting stuck in a traffic jam and not showing up.

Your privacy is paramount

Security is at the core of what we do. We have the best practices to ensure privacy is never compromised.

ISO27001 certified

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SOC 2 attested

GDPR compliant

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