Interview Scheduling just got a whole lot faster, personalized and hassle free

Creating a great candidate experience is key to acquiring top talent. Lengthy interview scheduling gets in the way
and prolongs the time to hire.

We built the Cronofy Scheduler to solve these issues! To give candidates a seamless interview scheduling experience so they don't drop off, and save recruiters the time and hassle of back-and-forth organizing.

Fast and personalized interview scheduling

Take a peak at how easy it is to schedule interviews from Gmail with our embedded button.

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Interview Scheduling made easy

Benefits of using the Scheduler

We believe that interview scheduling excellence requires minimal effort.

Great candidate experience
Candidates don't need to fill out details. Send them scheduling links already personalized! Great experience - and it saves time!
Build stronger relationships
Build great recruitment relationships. Hassle-free scheduling makes a great impression and ensures that you don't lose out on top talent.
Don't expose your calendar
Candidates can only use the scheduling link once, so you only commit to one meeting and your calendar stays protected.
Speed up time-to-hire
Don’t make candidates wait for an interview time, make it happen in minutes. No back-and-forth, no delay, no hassle. Talent stays engaged and doesn’t drop off.
Focus on what matters
Take away the hassle and focus on delivering great candidate experience rather than juggling schedules. Get to know the candidate and keep things moving.
Schedule everywhere
Schedule from your email and favorite applications with our free Chome browser extension and Add-ins.
A screenshot showing how easily the Scheduler browser extension works with your CRM.

Install our browser extension for faster scheduling

With our free browser extension for Chrome you can enjoy the power of personalized interview scheduling from the HR Tech applications you use everyday. It also works with Gmail. Use it to generate meeting requests without having to switch tabs, the Scheduler will automatically fill out candidate's details for you.

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284 hrs
saved per recruiter
per month
faster interview
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61% of companies use interview panels of 2+

The Scheduler's Combined Availability  feature makes it effortless to invite multiple attendees. Whether you are organizing interviews with hiring managers or setting up interview panels.

Hiring managers can share their real-time availability, to be included in the interview scheduling request. Candidates can then choose a slot that suits them based on the offered times that harmonize with everyone required for the interview. All whilst it's added to everyone's calendar automatically.

An illustration of silver haired man resembling George Clooney / Professor Oak smiling whilst on a laptop.

How it works

Sign up for the Scheduler by connecting your calendar in two clicks. Use the Scheduler with our Chrome Extension and Add-ins for maximum efficiency when scheduling interviews

What you see

Compose the email inviting the candidate to schedule an interview with you. Then use the embedded Scheduler button from your Outlook or Gmail compose window to setup an interview request link.

Include the availability of any additional people from your Connected Contacts for the interview/hiring panel. Verify the interview details and add video conferencing details or location as desired.

Generate the link and it will be automatically added to the email message.

A demo of the Cronofy Scheduler extension working within Gmail. The Scheduler button appears within the 'compose new email' window making it easy to schedule without having to switch between tabs.

What the candidates see

Candidates can choose a day and time that suits them and your other required attendees, from the times you have offered. It just takes two simple clicks!

Once the interview slot has been selected by the candidate, it will be added to everyone's calendar automatically and you'll receive a confirmation email.

A demo showing how the candidate would receive the scheduling link in an email and how they'd click on it to see the Scheduler slot picker with available times and dates to choose from. And then once confirmed how it would display in their calendar in real-time.

Popular use cases

Great ways the Scheduler helps you deliver better candidate experiences.

Hiring Manager and Candidate

Recruiter scheduling on behalf of Hiring Manager (coming soon)

Panel interview scheduling

Your privacy is paramount

When you share availability it's only for a fixed period so you're in control. It's also only ever your free/busy slots and not the details of your events.

Your availability is private and as hiring is usually a temporary process there is no need to share availability permanently with those required for an interview. Instead you share for a fixed period (up to one year) or you can just share for the purpose of booking an interview. We make it easy to prolong the sharing if you wish but this decision should be made by you or your organization.




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