Cronofy & BambooHR

Schedule interviews with all of the power of Cronofy from within BambooHR.

Plan Any

The BambooHR integration with Cronofy brings real-time, multi-person scheduling embedded into Bamboo. Once enabled, Schedule Interview buttons will appear in BambooHR and you're ready to go.

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Schedule interviews using Cronofy directly within BambooHR for free until December 31, 2023. Then pay 15 USD per active user* per month at the end of your trial.

Choose our PAYG option to get started.

* An active user is a person for whom the calendar event was created.

No more email back and forth or playing calendar Tetris. Scheduling any type of interview is just a click away in BambooHR.

Schedule interviews, whether for one or multiple people, in two hours rather than several days.

Find Cronofy in the Apps section of your BambooHR Settings.

Just click on the Schedule Interview button when sending an email to open Cronofy's Scheduling Request generator. You get full access to your company's Cronofy account to schedule interviews in just the way that you need.

Email templates now also come with a new placeholder Interview Schedule Link. So you can setup everything you need to optimize your hiring processes.

The candidate record in BambooHR automatically stays up to date. A new candidate sidebar item shows the latest information on the interviews being scheduled.

BambooHR and Cronofy are connected in real-time making you sure that you always have the latest information.

Save a day on admin tasks every week
Schedule interviews 12x faster
Multi-person interviews scheduled like magic
Supports Outlook/Teams & Gmail/Google Meet
Schedule without ever leaving your ATS

Cronofy is the most advanced and flexible interview scheduling tool on the market.

You can use it to streamline high volumes of screening calls being distributed across a pool of interviews.

You can use it to provide tailored slots booking over blocked times for multiple people in those really tricky to navigate scheduling nightmares.

You can use it for everything in between.

Time to stop doing admin and start focusing on your candidates.