You can manage the branding of the booking form that is sent to candidates. You can update this with your own logo and organization's colors.

Set up interviewer pools with selection rules

If there are any interviewer pools you use in your organization that you would like recruiters and/or coordinators to use when they schedule requests, you can set them up beforehand.

User roles

There are different roles available to assign to users in Cronofy. The standard role is 'member' which will allow someone access to only their own preferences and to schedule for others. This is advised for interviewers.

Recruiters and Coordinators (advised role: Scheduler Admin)

To allow Recruiters and/or Coordinators to update selection rules (interviewer pools) and to see each others requests we advise to update all Recruiters and Coordinators to the 'Scheduler Admin' role.

IT admin (advised role: Owner)

Your IT admin might need to set up a service account, or an integration. To be able to do this they will need to be added to Cronofy as an 'Owner'. We advise to manually invite your IT admin to Cronofy as an 'Owner' so they can accept your invite and go into the 'Integrations' section to authorize the integrations.

Member availability preferences

There are some settings that members can adjust for themselves, however you might want to do this in bulk or on behalf of interviewers so they don't need to go into Cronofy themselves.

We can bulk update for everyone at once:

  • Buffers.
  • Minimum notice.
  • Working hours (standard is 9am to 5pm in their own calendar's timezone).
  • Interview limits can be set up per account (this can only done by Cronofy, please share the accounts and the respective daily and/or weekly limit they need).

Please reach out to with your request.


To use Cronofy beyond a trial period you can add your billing details in the Organizational Unit.

Our pay-as-you-go plan allows you the flexibility to only pay for active monthly users (anyone who is part of a scheduling request that is created).

If you expect to have more than 40 people that will be part of an interview on a monthly basis we recommend a Business or Enterprise plan. You can contact if you want to learn more.