Create selection rules to create easy panel interviews.

A selection rule is a group of one or more interviewers qualified to conduct an interview. It specifies who these interviewers are and how many are needed for each interview.

For example, you might have a pool of 25 engineers, and you require two of them to participate in an interview.

Once these pools are defined in the selection rules, you can use them when creating a new request. They can be added as a 'host,' and we will identify who is available to meet with the candidate.

How it works:

Lets create a selection rule (pool) first:

  1. Head to your Organizational Unit Settings > select Selection Rules. Click “Create Selection Rule” and enter the name of your pool.
  2. Once you have entered the name of the Selection Rule, you will be able to choose which members to include (from your Organizational Unit) and select how many are required to attend the event.
  3. This pool will now appear in the list of your Selection Rules and could be added to your Templates, so we can pull availability from the desired pool.

Now, lets create an event with a selection rule:

  1. Open our browser extension and select to create your event.
  2. In the host tile now you can select your selection rule by name.
  3. You can also add any additional people in the Other attendees tile. These could be shadowers or required people.

Video guides for Selection Rules:

01:13 min
Create selection rules
00:54 min
How to schedule with an interviewer pool
How does Cronofy decide who gets selected from the pool?

The selection is 100% randomized.

Why does the availability preview show different slots when I create the request than in the final booking form?

To ensure we calculate the availability of needed interviewers as fast as possible, we select a randomized subset of interviewers from the larger selection rule. This subsets' availability is usually ˜6-10 interviewers.

When you create the request you will only see a preview of availability, when you create the request the booking form will select a final subset of interviewers that is static and will be shown to the candidate.

Can't find the person you are trying to add to a selection rule?

In order to schedule for anyone else in your organization they need to have an account in Cronofy so we have access to their calendar.

Learn how to manually invite someone, or contact if you want to set up a service account. A service account will automatically sync calendars so the people you are scheduling for don't have to take any action to accept an invite.

What happens when I update interviewers in a selection rule after I sent out a booking link?

Any new request that is created will reflect these newly added interviewers in the pool.