Scheduling preferences

The preferences you set in your account will be the default for your scheduling requests.

Manage your preferences

Buffer times: If you want to avoid having any back to back meetings you can add a buffer here.

Minimum notice: Decide how long beforehand you want people to be able to book with you.

Availability: we will look at your calendar from 9am to 5pm on working days. If you want us to consider specific days or slots you can grey out any time you don't want us to look at your calendar.

Manage someone else's preferences

You can update someone else's availability in their member profile (see video below). You can also change their timezone on the same page.

Updating others' minimum notice and/or buffers can be done in bulk via You can also inform interviewers that they can update these themselves by logging into Cronofy with their SSO.

Setting preferences

1:30 min
Let us know your availability preferences
00:45 min
How to update someone else's availability preferences