Availability options

Get the flexibility you need in terms of working with interviewers' availability. The options are:

  1. Working hours - share any free calendar slots with a candidate and skip the wait on interviewers' availability. Using working hours is also recommended if you want to improve your time-to-hire.
  2. Custom hours - share pre-selected blocks of slots with a candidate. Recommended if you have pre-agreed blocks with interviewers. You can also choose to override any items their calendar has in these blocks.
  3. Specific slots - share specific times with a candidate. This is recommended if your interviewers only have very specific times available that they agree on with you to share with a candidate specifically.

1 - Working Hours

Provides candidates with the best experience as this contains the most slots to choose from. This also will reduce your time-to-hire as you don't have to wait for availability from the interviewer.

The booking form will include free slots (not 'tentative' , 'busy' etc.) from 9am to 5pm in the interviewers' timezone. This can be updated by you for the interviewer if needed.

2 - Custom Hours

  • Recommended when you have pre-agreed blocks from interviewers that can be shared with a candidate.
  • Select these blocks by clicking on it or dragging the mouse over a selection as shown on the right.
  • If your interviewers have other items in their calendar in the pre-agreed times, you can override availability in the 'Offer slots during selected times' field.
  • Buffers and minimum notice from the interviewers' Cronofy preferences will be respected.

3- Specific slots

  • Recommended when your interviewers only have specific times available for the candidate that they share with you.
  • You can either select a time from the dropdown or type it. We will let you offer slots up to 6 months in advance and share a period of 35 days maximum within these 6 months.
  • The interviewers' Cronofy preferences such as minimum notice and buffers from their Cronofy preferences will not be respected (we will override the minimum notice to one hour).
  • You can override any busy times blocked in their calendar when the “Whether busy or not” option is selected.


Will the availability always be real-time regardless of what type of availability I'm sharing?

Yes, any time a change happens in the interviewers' calendar this will be reflected in the booking form that the candidate uses to choose their time.

Please keep in mind if you selected to override or ignore availability, the calendar changes will not be taken into account.

I changed my hours but it is not reflected in the scheduler, what now?

Ensure the 'save' button at the bottom of the preferences page is clicked (sometimes you need to scroll down to see it).

If that didn't solve it, please contact our support team @support@cronofy.com.