Cronofy Compliance Center
Learn how Cronofy handles Security and Compliance

At Cronofy security is at the core of everything we do. Customers of the businesses that use Cronofy services have confidence that Cronofy takes their security seriously and employs best practices to ensure their privacy is never compromised.

The nature of the data Cronofy handles on behalf of its clients requires security to be core to the approach to building, scaling and managing our service. As part of meeting these high standards, Cronofy has worked hard to ensure security standards are ISO 27001, 27701 & 27018 certified, as well as SOC 2 Type 2 attested.

The company represents security at the highest level, with the Chief Technology Officer taking the lead on all security initiatives. The executive management team approve information security policies and standards and all employees receive training on these policies on an annual basis.

Security is an integral part of the culture at Cronofy. The people who are building, scaling and managing Cronofy are fundamental to providing a secure service to our customers. We support our employees by having a set of policies, procedures and playbooks in place, to ensure that expectation is consistently clear for all, and the correct information is easy to find if they’re uncertain.

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