Infrastructure and Network Security

Cronofy leverages Amazon’s AWS suite of services to deliver robust, reliable and scalable infrastructure to ensure the highest service levels to our customers.
Data Centers

Cronofy currently hosts production environment instances in the following regions:

  • USA (AWS US-East Region)
  • Germany (AWS Frankfurt Region)
  • Singapore (AWS Singapore Region)
  • Australia (AWS Sydney Region)
  • Canada (AWS Canada Central Region)
  • UK (AWS London Region)

You can read more about this in our documentation:

Each production instance operates discretely, and no customer or account data is transferred between instances to ensure Cronofy customer use complies with local data privacy regulations.

Physical Security

Cronofy leverages AWS data centers for all production systems, including the storage of customer data. AWS has robust physical safety measures in place, such as fire detection and suppression, multi-resilient power sources, and strict access control policies.

For more information on AWS Data Center Physical Security, see the AWS Security Whitepaper:

Monitoring and Alerting

The Cronofy platform, services and third parties involved in the delivery of Cronofy services are monitored 24/7/365 by our Engineering team. Cronofy has a robust and well-documented incident response plan in place. This is supported by our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans, to ensure consistent delivery of service.

Current and historic status reports are available at:

Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDOS) Prevention

Appropriate technologies are in place at both network infrastructure and application level, to detect, mitigate and prevent DDoS attacks.