The best Calendly alternative for teams with complex scheduling needs

Calendly is an appointment management solution for individuals. Cronofy is a fully customizable scheduling assistant for any type of meeting.

Powering scheduling for 180,000 companies

Combine calendars in real-time without creating groups

Calendly requires you to create a group of attendees to compare their calendars, this gives you no flexibility when coordinating group meetings. With Cronofy, you don't need to set up polls requesting people's availability or create groups to compare calendars, you just add the emails of your attendees to find their combined availability in real time.

Cronofy is the end-to-end interview scheduling solution

Recruitment teams often have complex meeting needs and Calendly falls short on customizable features to adapt to these needs. For instance, recruiters find that with Calendly they can't personalize booking pages for candidates or curb unsolicited scheduling. Cronofy powers scheduling for over 75 Applicant Tracking Systems worldwide and fully automates interview scheduling for teams.

Schedule interviews without leaving your ATS

Calendly is expensive when you need to scale

With Calendly, you might pay more for extra features, and you still pay during less busy seasons. Finance teams love Cronofy's pricing model because we only charge for active usage.

What makes Cronofy better?
Personalized scheduling links
Advanced rescheduling
Schedule any meeting on behalf of others
Override busy calendars
Real-time availability for group meetings
Multi-domain branding
Add breaks between working hours
Track all meeting status
Browser extensions
Enterprise integrations
Send separate invites
Combined panels and dynamic pools
Allow private events
Sequences (back-to-back interviews)
Auto-schedule when candidate changes process stage
Buffer times around interviews
Rotate interviewers from a pool
Add candidate profile and interview kit to interviewers' invite
Speak with an expert to learn more about how Cronofy compares to Calendly

Cronofy understands scheduling is not one-size-fits-all and offers more flexibility for teams without implementation headaches. Let's show you how Cronofy adapts to your needs.