Your Applicant Tracking System Needs Calendar Sync. Here’s Why.

Author: Jérémy Bourhis

18th July 2017

Cronofy’s clients Personio and MHR build innovative HR software and help organizations initiate and manage strong relationships with candidates and employees alike. They are also always looking for ways to improve their products and that’s why they chose the Cronofy Calendar API to add real-time interview scheduling into their Applicant Tracking Systems.

To manage relationships with candidates, save time, and stay organized businesses rely on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Software like these have transformed the recruitment process for every business, from the smallest company to the largest multinationals.

Using an ATS – either as a standalone software or as part of a Human Capital Management (HCM) platform – helps recruiting managers and agencies be more efficient when filling vacancies.

Applicant Tracking Systems are already saving businesses time

Finding and hiring talent is costly and time consuming but critical to the growth of any organization. With an ATS, a lot of historically manual processes can be automated. There are no more risks of deleting an important email for example – all communications can be handled through the ATS.

At its most basic, an ATS can scan through the resumes submitted by applicants to assess which ones are a good fit for the position being advertised. Some of the ways they can do this include looking for keywords and checking for spelling errors.

More advanced ATS also handle communications and can be integrated to job boards to advertise jobs and collect resumes. Some of them can also get additional details on applicants via social media.

Adding Interview Scheduling to your Applicant Tracking System

Finding candidates that fit the profile a company is looking for is time consuming, but that’s only the first step. The skills of the candidates need to be tested and interview times need to be arranged. Even if emails and text messages can be sent from an ATS, the recruiters still need to be the ones arranging times for interview.

Video interviewing tools and online skill-testing tools can help, but face-to-face meetings still need to be arranged by the recruiters.

Automating part of the interview process is possible through real-time calendar sync. By connecting the calendars of the interview panel to the ATS, recruiters – in-house or working for an agency – can access the availability of the people who are needed to hold the interviews.

Available time slots can be shared with candidates who can then pick the time that works best for them. One of the advantage of this solutions is that it not only simplifies the interview process for the recruiters but also simplifies the process for the candidate, too.

Candidates don’t have to take awkward phone calls at work or answer a chain of emails to find a time that works for everyone. One click is enough for an interview time to be agreed and added to everyone’s calendars. It’s that simple.

Real-Time Scheduling with the Cronofy Calendar API

Cronofy’s Real-Time Scheduling plug-in allows Applicant Tracking Systems providers to build real-time scheduling into their solutions.

Some ATS might have the ability to sync with Outlook or Gmail calendars but developing an integration for each major calendar service can be a nightmare to build and maintain. The Cronofy Calendar API was built to solve this challenge. It works with all major calendar services and solves the challenge of integrating with every calendar serivce. The Calendar API is also maintained by Cronofy’s developers on our client’s behalf.

Cronofy’s Real-Time Scheduling can be described as a super-powered Calendly. ATS developers can use it to build systems that will allow recruiters to organize interviews between multiple participants, no matter what calendar service they use.

For HR software vendors, adding this feature helps them to offer a new innovative tool that will help recruiters save time and improve the candidate experience for job applicants. It’s also useful to differentiate their offers from their competitors in a highly competitive market.

Don’t take our word for it – see it in action!

An image speaks louder than words. See how fictional company Globex uses Cronofy’s Real-Time Interview Scheduling to organize interviews easily from their ATS.

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