September 9, 2020

Why we've built the Cronofy Scheduler

The new Cronofy Scheduler is an end user application built on top of our API and the next step on our mission of scheduling everything for everyone.
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Adam Bird
Co-Founder and CEO of Cronofy
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The new Cronofy Scheduler represents the next step on our mission of scheduling everything for everyone. It’s an end user application built on top of the same API and UI Elements that our integration customers continue to rely on, it gives more people the opportunity to benefit from Cronofy’s world-class scheduling platform.

We’ve become direct consumers of our own services which is continuously driving improvements that all of our customers benefit from. Features like conferencing services and free select mode in our availability viewer were both delivered as a direct result of building the Scheduler

World-class scheduling platform

Cronofy has been at the forefront of scheduling for many years now as the underlying technology infrastructure powering scheduling in a range of applications. Our API is relied on by GoDaddy customers to take bookings online, Personio users to schedule interviews or university counsellors who use Handshake to manage their time. They and hundreds of other SaaS vendors mean that tens of thousands of companies around the world rely on Cronofy’s scheduling platform.

This has put us in a unique position. No one has worked with as many product teams, and in turn, end-users on understanding and delivering scheduling capabilities across as many different sectors. We’ve learnt a lot, and have distilled that learning into not just the world’s most powerful scheduling platform but now into a tool that can be embedded into more peoples’ workflows.

Show you care

The focus of the Scheduler is simple. It is a software tool for people who care about the impression they give to others and for whom the compromise of having to keep their calendar permanently open just isn’t an option.

  • A support agent knows who the customer is, so an anonymous booking link where the customer has to do all of the work is just rude. They need to show that they care. A permanent link that allows the customer to book in again and circumvent support channels is untenable.
  • A recruiter who absolutely has to make the best impression on a top candidate can’t have them book in and fill out their details again. They also need to make sure that they only offer times to the candidate that the three members of the interview panel are available.
  • An executive assistant or marketing manager wants to be able to book in their CEO for podcast appearances. They need to do this in a way that avoids the email back and forth but protects the CEO’s calendar.

These, and many others, are the important and valuable scheduling workflows that power modern business. Add in the requirement where location can be virtual and face-to-face interactions have to be considered and planned in carefully and scheduling is becoming the number one digital transformation focus of organizations.

Protect your calendar

We’re also in a world where data privacy and security is, rightly, a key concern of us all. GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and many other regulations are requiring that organizations only work with vendors who can attest to having processes and systems in place that put protecting people’s personal information at the very heart of how they operate. For legal and security teams to approve the use of these tools, they have to be able to turn to accreditations like SOC2 and ISO27001.

The Cronofy platform has been built from the ground up with data privacy and security at its core. Our API customers already rely on us to enable calendar connectivity to some of the world’s most data sensitive organizations. The Scheduler leverages exactly this same focus and capability to ensure that everyone’s scheduling workflows are fully protected.

Made for the apps you use

For us to have a proper impact on business productivity we have to, as well as these hygiene requirements, focus deeply on the user experience and seamlessly fit into how people go about their working lives.

The Scheduler isn’t just a separate tool you use, it’s an add-in for Outlook, it’s a button in Gmail or Zendesk, it’s a browser extension that works with Hubspot. It’s embedding scheduling in a way we’ve been doing for years with our API customers. It supports and enhances experiences and works seamlessly alongside any other scheduling service you’re using. It uses your current context to allow you to generate a personalized scheduling link with just two clicks, but gives you the power to tailor what you offer when you need to.

Permanent, anonymous booking links have their place. But when you want to show you care about the person you’re scheduling with and/or need to protect your calendar, the Cronofy Scheduler is a necessary tool in your scheduling arsenal.

Try it for free and save everyone time.