July 20, 2022

The Candidate Expectations report 2022 is now live!

We partnered with Opinium and surveyed 6,500 candidates around the world to determine what candidates really want from the recruitment process, with the aim to help recruiters get ahead and win the war for talent.
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Amy Gallagher
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We’ve launched our second annual Candidate Expectations report!

We work with thousands of recruiters around the world and know how competitive the industry is, especially when recruiting for those sectors experiencing a skills gap, such as technology and finance. This competitive environment combined with the pandemic and rise in remote working has completely changed the hiring landscape. Recruiters have to adapt to avoid falling behind.

This is why we partnered with Opinium to survey 6,500 candidates in the US, UK, France and Germany who had applied for a job within the last 12 months. In our Candidate Expectations report, we determine what candidates really want from the recruitment process, with the aim to help recruiters attract top talent and meet their talent acquisition targets.

We uncovered some surprising insights, particularly in terms of the emotional impact of interview scheduling delays – for example, 88% of candidates in the 18-34 age bracket said their mental health was affected by a slow interview scheduling process.

Some other stand-out statistics from the report:

  • 83% of senior candidates would drop out of the hiring process if interview scheduling took any more than a week
  • British interviewees were the most likely to leave the recruitment process if there were scheduling delays
  • 35% of candidates want interview scheduling to be automated
  • 64% agreed switching to a more virtual world during the pandemic had led them to expect more from an employer's technology.

We’ve also featured insight from industry thought leaders within the report to discover what they thought of the results and what they would advise recruiters to take from this research.

Many recruiters don’t think to prioritize the interview scheduling experience, however our research has shown it is an intrinsic part of the hiring process. When interview scheduling is done badly, it results in lost talent and a negative brand perception.

Download the report now to dig deeper into the results.