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Embedded scheduling for SaaS

We believe that time should be spent on more productive and fulfilling tasks than organizing schedules. Cronofy’s calendar APIs allow software to connect to calendars, creating great scheduling experiences. Whether you want to build your own solutions or use one of our existing features, we’re here to help.

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Calendar API

Calendar API

Take away the hassle. Sync your users' calendars with your software quickly and securely with our Unified Calendar API.

Availability API

Availability API

Visualize the availability of users' calendars with our Availability API. This can be free/busy information or include event details.

Real-Time Scheduling

Real-Time Scheduling

Share the availability of individual or multiple calendars through booking links. Recipients can choose what time works best for them.

API Integration

Try our Calendar and Scheduling APIs

It’s super easy to make your scheduling ideas a reality with our suite of APIs. Deliver simple calendar sync features or complex sequenced availability scenarios quickly and securely.

We provide SDKs for Python, .Net, Ruby, and PHP as well as community libraries for other languages.

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Calendar connectors

Use real-time scheduling in your favorite work apps

Ever wished you could schedule meetings from Slack? Or wanted to see your Trello due dates in your calendar? That’s possible with our Calendar Connectors. And it’s super easy.

Choose the apps you use and link them to your calendars in a few clicks.

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