Calendar Sync for Online Marketplaces

Create a more modern, user-friendly booking experience

Adding two-way calendar sync to your online marketplace makes it simpler and faster for customers to book appointments with service providers.

Say your customer needs a plumber. They can find one based on the type of plumbing skills they need and where they’re based, then book it in seconds.

Plumbers, meanwhile, have more control over their schedules. They can decide when they want to be available to their customers. This could include blocking out time to pick the kids up from school, or working later to help with emergencies.

Connect users based on their real-time availability

With two-way calendar sync, there’s no risk of services being double-booked.

Buffers can even be added between appointments, giving plumbers plenty of time to travel between appointments.

It also means that if someone cancels, the slot will reopen for anyone that needs a last-minute appointment.

Plumbers lose less business should someone cancel their appointment. It’s easier for customers to find someone at the last-minute for emergencies.

Add features faster

Two-way calendar sync doesn’t just make life easier for your users. It also makes it easier for you to add new features to your online marketplace.

Instead of worrying about ongoing maintenance or dealing with various versions of different calendar services, you get to focus on building features that will help attract new customers and retain old ones.

We deal with all of the ongoing maintenance and security, giving you more time to focus on delivering a great customer experience.

Let vendors choose their availability

Vendors can select the times they want to be available for work using our Availability Rules. This gives them the flexibility to choose when they want to be available for appointments.

They can block out their lunch break, times when they’re working on other jobs, or when they need time for a personal appointment. They have full control over their schedules.

Your software will never book anything if there’s already something in their calendar.

Real-time bookings

Present customers with a list of times to choose from with our Slot Picker.

Only times vendors have selected as available and that haven’t been booked will be offered.

Customers can scroll through the list of slots and choose one that works for them.