Secure Calendar Sync for Case Management Software

Users don’t need to flit between multiple apps to schedule appointments when your software syncs to their calendar service of choice.

Say goodbye to manual errors

When employees have to manually duplicate information between multiple locations, errors are inevitable. This can cause double-bookings, employees or clients being given the wrong information, and unnecessary stress.

Providing a calendar within case management software allows lawyers to document their hours and schedule meetings with clients, but it’s still open to errors. Double-bookings can still occur if they don’t cross-check multiple calendars, flitting from one app to another to organize their time. When lawyers are already short on time, it’s not an ideal scenario for anyone involved.

Give your users secure, two-way calendar sync

Avoid any chance of double-bookings by adding calendar sync to your software. No one needs to leave your software or cross-reference any other schedules when they can connect their calendars to your software.

Cronofy is a secure way to provide your users with two-way calendar sync. Our calendar API works with all major calendar services, meaning you can provide calendar sync to as many users as possible without the hassle of working with multiple calendar APIs. You work with one calendar API, and we provide all the calendar connectivity you need.

Add a real-time booking interface to your software

Provide your users with an easy way to schedule meetings with their clients by using calendar sync to build a real-time booking interface into your software.

You could build this in-house, or you could save even more development time by using our embeddable JavaScript components.

Availability Rules allows lawyers to set their hours they want to be available for meetings. They can block out times for personal appointments or lunchtime, ensuring they won’t get double-booked.

Clients can then login to the client portal and book an appointment with a lawyer using Availability Viewer.

Send booking links to clients

Alternatively, lawyers can generate a booking link to send to their clients when they need a schedule a meeting. Clients can then pick a time that works for them, based on the lawyer’s real-time availability.

Providing a better booking experience for your users saves lawyers hours of admin time every week, while clients are given a better customer experience, making them feel more valued by their legal representation.