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Track the calendar invites you send even if you don’t have access to the recipient’s calendar. We’ll let you know if the invitee has accepted or declined.

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Smart calendar invites

Get confirmation that invitees will turn up

Sending a calendar invite to an external recipient is key in many booking processes. However, if your application uses classic ICS files to send the invitation you won’t know if your invitation has been accepted or declined.

Our Smart Invite API can notify your system when a recipient interacts with one of your calendar invites. You can use this information to trigger communications; for example, if your invite is declined, it might be useful to call the invitee to check if they will still be attending the meeting.

Sending Smart Invites instead of classic ICS files helps reduce no-shows and cut down the time spent rescheduling.

How it works

Wave goodbye to classic ICS files

Developers can use our Smart Invite API to generate trackable ICS attachments that can be used instead of classic ICS files. A Smart Invite is tracked by our systems and will notify your application when the recipients interacts with the invitation.

Smart Invites work with any calendar service that accepts ICS files and all interactions are tracked in real-time.

For the recipient, a Smart Invite doesn’t appear any different to a regular calendar invite. They don’t have to grant Cronofy access to their calendar.

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Use Cases

Offer great scheduling experiences

Once a recruiter has found the ideal time slot for an interview, they can send a calendar invite to the candidate. The recruitment software can ask our API to generate a Smart Invite instead.

If the candidate accepts the invite, the recruiter is notified via the recruitment software. If the candidate doesn’t accept the interview invite or deletes it, a task can be created for the recruiter to follow up.

Professionals who use online booking software need to be sure that clients are going to turn up or be home for their scheduled appointment. With Smart Invites, they can see if the calendar invite generated by the booking software has been accepted or declined.

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Pay $60 to send up to 10,000 Smart Invites per month. You don't have to pay for connected calendars as your users don't need to authorize their calendars.

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