Schedule directly from your favorite web applications

With the Scheduler Chrome extension you can schedule from anywhere you are on the web, in just a few clicks.

The extension works with all your favorite applications. You can generate single-use, personalized meeting requests directly from the online tools you use every day.

Show your invitees that you care and make a great first impression by not asking them to do any work. They only have to pick a time that suits them and you - the meeting details are already pre-filled.

Cronofy works with

and many more...

Bring the Scheduler's features to the applications and tools that you use every day

Why use the Scheduler Chrome extension?

The contact details of the people we want to meet are usually stored in the SaaS tools and applications we use everyday. Not all of these come with the scheduling functionality that you need to create and send meeting requests. The Cronofy Scheduler Chrome extension brings personalized scheduling to wherever you need it on the web.

Connect your calendar with one click and start organizing meetings in minutes!

See it in action

Use it with Hubspot

Install our browser extension for Chrome to take the Scheduler with you when you browse the web.

The Scheduler Chrome browser extension enables you to create meeting request links from within the Hubspot interface, where your records and contact's details are stored.

From the Contact view, you can begin composing a message and open the Scheduler browser extension. The contact details will be automatically filled out, so you just confirm the details for the meeting and generate the link in two clicks. It's that simple!

Get the Chrome Extension
Scheduling made easy


Using the Chrome browser extension is the best way to use the Scheduler as it works alongside all your usual tools and applications.

Schedule everywhere
Create meeting request links from wherever you're browsing the web with Chrome. The Scheduler works alongside the tools you use everyday and fits within your existing task workflows.
Show that you care
Don't ask your invitees to fill in their information when you invite them to book a time in your calendar. Send them personalized scheduling links so they can book a time slot in two clicks.
No need to fill out details
When you schedule a meeting using the Cronofy browser extension from within your favourite applications, the contact details are filled in automatically.
Build stronger relationships
Great business is about building great relationships. Hassle-free scheduling is an opportunity to further relationships with good etiquette and great first and
lasting impressions.
Protect your calendars
Generate a single-time use scheduling link so you don't have to open your calendar indefinitely every time you want to organize a meeting.
No more back and forth
Prevent double-booking. Eliminate the hassle of scheduling via email and save
everyone time.

How it works

Our free Chrome browser extension works with lots of popular tools including Gmail, Hubspot and Salesforce. It automatically fills out your contact's details for you, saving your time and theirs!

Follow these simple steps to start scheduling meetings:

Add contact

Go to the Chrome Web Store. Choose Cronofy and click 'Add to Chrome' - follow the steps to add it to your browser.

Browser extension at your fingertips

Use the Scheduler icon on the tool bar to open the Scheduler browser extension.

Setup your Cronofy account

From here, follow the steps to set up your Cronofy account - it only takes a minute!


If you'd like to, you can customize your settings and add contacts to include their availability in meeting requests you send.

Get scheduling from your browser

Return back to the browser extension and you're ready to go. You can start sending meeting requests from the tools you use everyday.

Chrome browser extension features

Create one-time use personalized meeting request links from Chrome
Share periods or specific times based on your real-time availability
Add and manage a database of your personal Connected Contacts
Link with these Connected Contacts' availability to share times that work for everyone
Automatically personalize the invites you send with meeting details using the browser extension
Send invites with contact and meeting details so your invitees don't need to fill them out
Full control of your availability, customize your buffer times and meeting lengths
Real-time calendar sync with Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud
Included default video conferencing integration with 8x8
Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams all supported
Google Chrome extension, Zendesk App, Office Add-In
Automated time zone recognition when contacts book meetings with you
Automatically adds events to the calendars of everyone included

Video conferencing support for

Combine and share multiple people's availability

Our Combined Availability feature lets you add contacts to your Scheduler and include these Connect Contacts’ real-time availability in the meeting requests you create.

Showing your invitees that you care doesn’t have to be limited to
1:1 meetings.

The Combined Availability can be used from your Cronofy Scheduler but also from the browser extension, Outlook Add-in and Zendesk App, making scheduling easy no matter what tool you are using.

Learn more about Combined Availability >>

Share availability without
compromising on security

With the Scheduler you and your Connected Contacts only share free/busy information for the period of time that you set.

Choose from fixed periods - from a week up to a year. We make it easy to prolong the sharing if you wish but the decision should be made by you or your organization. It's important that your calendar events remain private and that you are in control of your availability and how long you share it for.

ISO27001 certified

ISO27018 certified

ISO27701 certified

SOC 2 attested

GDPR compliant

CCPA compliant

HIPAA compliant