Make every meeting request personal

With the free Cronofy Scheduler you can create personalized invitation links that let your invitees choose a time slot that works for them…and for you.

The Cronofy Chrome browser extension lets you bring personalized and secure scheduling – based on your real-time availability – to the applications and tools that you use everyday.

Connect your calendar, set your rules and start scheduling!

Add video conferencing links to your invites...

Microsoft Teams (conference services)
Zoom (conference services)
8×8 (conference services)
Google Meet (conference services)
GoTo (conference services)
Product overview

What's the Cronofy Scheduler?

The Cronofy Scheduler is an online scheduling tool that allows you to create unique invitation links. You can then send those links to the people you want to meet and they will see what times are available in your calendar and book a time slot. A Chrome browser extension is also available to let you create invitation links without having to change tabs.

Personalized scheduling

Show your invitees that you care

First impressions matter, it’s not different when scheduling meetings. With the Cronofy Scheduler your invitees don’t have to do all the work when it comes to scheduling a meeting with you.

Creating an invitation link is really simple and because the invite includes their name and the reason for the meeting you show you invitees that you know and care about them at a personal level.

By creating personalized invitation links you start the relationship with a positive scheduling experience for all the people you’ll meet. From patients or candidates to clients and prospects.

Privacy and security

Stay in control of your calendar

When you share a Cronofy Scheduler request with someone you want to meet you do not commit to more than one meeting. The link can only be used to book one event in your calendar.

After a contact has clicked on the invitation link you sent them, they will only see the time slots that you’ve made available and won’t access any information about other events in your calendar.

You can say goodbye to email back and forth – that’s just a waste of time when trying to schedule meetings – without having to compromise on privacy and security.

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Browser extension

Schedule directly from your browser tabs

The SaaS tools and applications we use everyday are where the contact details of the people we want to meet with are stored. But not all these applications come with the scheduling features you need to create booking links or send calendar invites.

With our Chrome browser extension it doesn’t matter. You can look at a client’s profile and create a personalized invitation link directly from your CRM. You don’t need to switch tabs or come back to the CRM to copy/paste their details.

The extension also lets you get a view of your real-time availability so you know what the invitee will see when picking a time slot to meet with you.

>> Install the Chrome browser extension

Did you know?

70% of professionals find scheduling using their existing tools frustrating. The main reason behind this frustration is the time spent on email back and forth trying to find times that works for the people they want to meet (2020, The Future of Scheduling Survey).