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Benefits of using the Scheduler

We believe that scheduling should never be a hassle.


Don't ask your invitees to fill in their information when you invite them to book a time in your calendar. Send them scheduling links personalized with their details.


Great business is about building great relationships. Hassle-free scheduling is an opportunity to further relationships
with good etiquette.


Generate a single-time use scheduling link so you don't have to open your calendar indefinitely every time you want to
organize a meeting.


Prevent double-booking. Eliminate the hassle of scheduling via email and
save everyone time.


Schedule from your favorite applications with our free browser extension and Add-ins.


Your availability is about more than what's in your calendar. Decide when you appear
free or busy.

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Browser Extension

The SaaS tools and applications we use everyday are where the contact details of the people we want to meet with are stored. But not all these applications come with the scheduling features you need to create booking links or send calendar invites.

With the free Chrome browser extension and you can generate meeting requests links from wherever you are on the web. It works with lots of popular tools including Gmail, Hubspot and Salesforce. It automatically fills out your contact's details for you, saving your time and theirs!

Connects to your world

Compatible with your everyday online tools

Saves you time

Contact details filled out automatically

Cronofy Office Add-in

With the Cronofy for Office Add-in you can schedule directly from your Outlook emails. No need to switch tabs or check your calendar. Start composing an email, open the Add-in and the contact's details are filled out for you. The meeting request link is added to the email body.

Combine and share multiple people's availability

Our Combined Availability feature lets you add contacts to your Scheduler and include these Connected Contacts’ real-time availability in the meeting requests you create.

Showing your invitees that you care doesn’t have to be limited to
1:1 meetings.

The Combined Availability can be used from your Cronofy Scheduler but also from the browser extension, Outlook Add-in and Zendesk App, making scheduling easy no matter what tool you
are using.

How it works

Getting started with the Cronofy Scheduler is simple and only takes a few seconds. You only have to connect your calendar to start creating meeting request links and share your availability.

We recommend that you install our browser extension for Chrome to take the Scheduler with you when you browse the web.

You can also use your dashboard to toggle the advanced features for a totally customizable scheduling experience!

Personalize the meeting length and the days and times on offer when you set up the request. Your contact won't have to fill their details out and the meeting will be added to both of your calendars automatically once they've selected a slot.


Connect your calendar with one click


Send meeting request links to share your real-time availability


Let contacts pick a time slot that works for them and you

70% of professionals we surveyed were frustrated by scheduling using their current tools*

The Future of Scheduling Survey 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Cronofy scheduling experts?

Our mission is to provide simple, personalized scheduling for everyone. We already offer market-leading API products designed to meet many business needs.

Our API products are used by businesses across the globe, with thousands of users benefitting from the integration of our products into their software. We're also able to support your business on an enterprise-level through our Enterprise Connect feature to enable smooth and seamless rollouts across your business for thousands of users.

From meetings to job interviews, conferencing calls to appointments, we are confident that we can improve scheduling for everyone.

The Cronofy Scheduler is supported by the same core technology and beliefs that make us the scheduling experts.

Can I add video conferencing to events?

Yes you can! The Scheduler comes with 8x8 as the default video conferencing provider. It also supports all other major conferencing tools: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Meet and GoToMeeting. You can select your preferred tool as a default in your Scheduler settings but also customize it for each meeting. For example, some connected contacts might be required to use a certain tool for all their calls and so you can send them a meeting request that reflects that and suits their needs.

How do you protect my data?

Your security and privacy are extremely important to us. We're compliant with GDPR, SOC 2 attested, HIPAA compliant and ISO27001 certified. We are also a member of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. Your data is safe and protected.

Because you only ever share your availability and not your calendar, there's no risk of your Connected Contacts seeing details of your events - your calendar remains totally private.

How do I customize my Scheduler?

By logging into your Cronofy Scheduler account . From there you can use the preferences option on the menu to add or change the synced calendars, set a default meeting length, conferencing tool and location as well as toggle your availability rules. If you're always busy on Tuesday afternoon or finish early on a Thursday you can ensure people can't book meetings at those times. Don't forget that you can also offer specific time periods when you set up an individual meeting request link.

Want to find out more about updating your preferences? Check out our support documentation. Don't forget that you can also offer specific time periods when you set up an individual meeting request link. Find out more about how to do this here.

What is personalized scheduling?

We believe that making a great first impression is key to building successful and lasting professional relationships. Meetings are a huge part of forging these relationships with customers and contacts. With Cronofy, there's no need for contacts to fill details. You can send personalized meeting requests to find a time that works for everyone in just a few clicks. Personalized scheduling means not asking your contacts to do all the work, while delivering a great experience for you and for them.

How much does it cost?

The Scheduler is free to use. However, we plan on releasing more advanced features that will be accessible with a premium account.

What applications does it work with?

There's an Add-in for Office 365/Outlook and a Zendesk App. The Chrome browser extension is also compatible with Salesforce and Hubspot. We're always building new integrations so watch this space.

Will you release new features?

We're always working on new features for the Scheduler, and will let you know about our most recent updates through either email or directly through the Scheduler so you never miss anything.

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