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Transforming time management for high-performance work
Our mission

Successful teams are ambitious, they grow fast and they don’t waste time. As they scale, their needs become more and more complex. These teams have an efficiency stack of trusted tools that help unlock potential and keep time focussed on strategic work.

Cronofy’s scheduling stack is designed for high-performance teams and their complex needs, specifically as they grow. Group meetings booked in seconds, workflows integrated into the tools you already use and e-mail clients communicating seamlessly unlike any other booking technology.

Cronofy creates momentum for teams and individuals who want to focus on strategizing, collaborating, and delivering - not booking.

Our mission

Founded in Europe by two engineers in 2014 who had become frustrated by how their schedules weren't connected to anything. Whilst others focused on building beautiful user interfaces to support simple booking experiences, Adam and Garry knew the problems weren't just skin deep.

Business scheduling has multiple constraints. People are scheduling for individuals and groups, not just themselves. Data flows have to be secure and controlled. The applications that businesses rely on have to be kept in sync, in real time.

A new approach was needed. A reimagining of calendars and the infrastructure that companies use to manage their employees' time.

Today the Cronofy scheduling platform is helping tens of thousands of teams improve their efficiency and free up time for what's important.

Working at Cronofy

We're a high-growth, product-focused company led by a successful serial entrepreneur. Cronofy is at that exciting stage where every person who joins the team can have a major hand in our success and rapidly advance their careers in the process.

Honesty is not just the right thing to do. Lies and half-truths can feel expedient in the short term, but the freedom gained from confronting the truth is where high performance and trust come from.

The magic happens when we operate at a speed that we can maintain long-term. We favor guidelines over rules and constantly prioritize value delivery without sacrificing the future.

We immerse ourselves in the future. We continuously question and challenge norms in order to find better answers to the scheduling problems of today and tomorrow.

Knowledge work requires deep focus and mental energy. Social time together as well as away from work is critical to high performance and personal wellbeing.

We start with users and build our priorities around their jobs to be done. Our experiments are thoughtful and collaborative. Successes and failures are reviewed together so we're always improving.

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Meet the founders

CEO & Co-founder

Adam is a highly technical and experienced technology entrepreneur with a passion for continuous improvement that pervades every aspect of his life. A lover of cycling and craft beer but he never really got on with having a beard for that hipster hat-trick.

CTO & Co-founder

Garry has wide-ranging experience as a tech leader including being lead developer at Zopa, the world’s oldest and Europe’s largest peer-to-peer lending service. He’s tackled many challenges that involve scale, highly sensitive data, and where a high degree of accuracy and high level of availability is paramount. He's a husband, father, cyclist, and avid proponent of the Oxford comma.

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