Interview scheduling for BambooHR

Now, recruiters can schedule any type of interview without leaving BambooHR.

Cronofy empowers BambooHR customers to schedule any type of interview without needing to leave their ATS.

Recruiters who use Cronofy eliminate calendar Tetris and save 3-5 hours every week scheduling interviews for candidates.

"How does Cronofy work with BambooHR?"

Once you install Cronofy from your BambooHR marketplace, a “schedule interview” button is enabled within the BambooHR hiring module and you can start sending interview requests to applicants.

"What types of interviews can I schedule with Cronofy?"

You can schedule any type of interview, even complex ones. 1:1s, Panel interviews, back-to-back interviews and group interviews.

"How long does it take to implement Cronofy?"

You can start scheduling interview requests as soon as you install Cronofy into your BambooHR account. See how you can schedule 1:1s.

"Is Cronofy free?"

BambooHR customers can try Cronofy free for 2 weeks. Cronofy only charges active accounts, which means you can save more money during low hiring seasons.

"Will my hiring managers need to sign up to Cronofy before I can view their calendar availability?"

No, your hiring manager only needs to accept your invitation.

Cronofy’s integration with BambooHR makes it easy for everyone in your organization to turn on scheduling.

"Do we need to go outside BambooHR to schedule interviews?"

No. Scheduling is embedded within your BambooHR account once you install the Cronofy app.

Enterprise Privacy & Security

Independently certified for security & HIPAA compliant.

We built Cronofy with security in mind. Science, medical and legal teams schedule with Cronofy’s privacy-first technology. Users even have the power to choose where their data is hosted with our international data centers.

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