Cronofy & SuccessFactors

Trigger personalized, self-serve interview scheduling workflows when candidate is moved through pipeline stages in SuccessFactors.

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Automatically trigger self-scheduling links to candidates

With Cronofy's fully customizable triggers you can automatically send self-scheduling links to candidates when they move into particular stages in your recruitment pipeline.

Perfect for the high-volume stages like screening calls. Just move the candidate in SuccessFactors and Cronofy will automatically send them a link.

The candidate can then choose from one or a pool of interviewers with constraints available to ensure that the load is being spread fairly.

Personalized scheduling, no matter how complex

Cronofy allows you to schedule interviews from within SuccessFactors so you don't have to jump to another tool to get your work done.

No matter how complex the rules for a particular interview. Schedule for yourself, for others, for groups, even over blocked times. You can add a self-schedule link to an email to your candidate with just a couple of clicks.