Cronofy & Greenhouse

Trigger personalized, self-serve interview scheduling workflows when candiate is moved through pipeline stages in Greenhouse.

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Schedule multiple screening calls in one click

You no longer need to request candidate availability or schedule one interview at a time; send personalized invites to several candidates with one-click automation in Greenhouse, allowing candidates to self-schedule or reschedule interviews with no extra effort on your part.

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Powering scheduling for 180,000 companies

Save a day on admin tasks every week
Schedule interviews 12x faster
Multi-person interviews scheduled like magic

Add advanced scheduling features to Greenhouse

While Greenhouse is a powerful recruiting platform and offers 1-to-1 interview scheduling, there are some use cases that the platform doesn't cover.

Automate multi-person, sequenced interview scheduling without the complexity of multiple calendars with Cronofy.

Do more with Cronofy in Greenhouse
Cronofy for ATS
Combined panels and dynamic pools
Allow private events
Send separate invites
Add candidate profile and interview kit to interviewers' invite
Dynamic interviewer pools
Support for multi-tenant/multi-domain
Schedule more than one interview at once
Override interviewer "busy" times
Advanced rescheduling
Auto-schedule when candidate changes process stage
Sequences (back-to-back interviews)
Buffer times around interviews
Pre-defined time slots
Constraints on amount of interviews per week

Keep track of your candidates with automatic updates

Automatically update Greenhouse with any changes to a candidate's status with Cronofy's custom workflows. Keep track of everything in one place for a streamlined hiring process.

Make panel interview scheduling more efficient in Greenhouse with Cronofy

Stop the back and forth of asking for times. Just offer your candidates real-time availability and schedule in hours not days.