Schedule high-volume interviews within seconds

If you’re dealing with scheduling high-volume interviews and need to offer candidates specific slots - read on! 😎

High-volume recruiting can be challenging in many ways, especially managing the volume of scheduling interviews. Imagine you’re planning screening calls, or 1-1s with hiring managers, where you want to send the same (or similar) personal booking link to multiple candidates so they can select the slot that works for them. Creating the request over and over again is exhausting. That’s where our option to ‘copy from recent request’ will simplify the process in one click.

Copy from a recent request

When you create a scheduling request we know it’s not always possible to work from a perfectly kept calendar. We also know that you, or your hiring managers, might want to keep more control in some cases and offer specific slots to candidates for interviews.

With Cronofy you can create an interview booking link that includes the specific slots that you want to share with the candidate, and even override calendar availability so you’re not dependent on calendar hygiene. When you want to share the same slots (for the same role) to multiple candidates, you can copy the meeting details from your original request into a new one. Don’t worry about double bookings as the links will update real-time even after they’re shared with your candidates.

If you’re looking to find smarter and more efficient ways to schedule within your organisational context and processes get in touch! We will walk you through how simple this task can be using Cronofy. 🖐️