Schedule any type of interview with Cronofy in SmartRecruiters

The SmartRecruiters integration allows you to create a booking link directly from the candidate page with the Cronofy browser extension.

  • The candidate data is pulled into the request that you create in the browser extension (candidate email will be pre-filled).
  • When the candidate chooses a slot the interview and selected interviewer(s) will reflect in the SmartRecruiters candidate profile.
  • This will trigger the other workflows you have, such as a notification to the interviewer(s) to fill out the feedback.


  1. Go to the candidate profile in SmartRecruiters.
  2. Go to the 'Communication' tab and select the interview invite template.
  3. Open the Cronofy browser extension and create the link.
  4. Paste this link in the interview invite template in SR and send it to the candidate.

Always schedule from the candidate page so the interview will reflect back into SmartRecruiters.

Check out the first section of the Guides to learn more about creating a request in the extension, how to schedule for different interviewers, how to override availability and more!

Schedule in SmartRecruiters with Cronofy

00:55 min
Schedule an interview with Cronofy in SmartRecruiters
01:10 min
Schedule based on a pool of interviewers
Why is the interview not showing up in SmartRecruiters after the candidate selects a slot?

The interview will only feed back when you schedule the request with the browser extension from the candidate page in SmartRecruiters. This is where the data will be picked up.

If you scheduled from this page and it doesn't show, please contact us at with the link to the request in Cronofy so we can investigate.