Select the correct interviewer for the booking link

Note: in order to set up an automation you need owner access in Cronofy. If you don't have this access please ask your Recruitment lead for access.

Option 1: via SmartRecruiters (make sure to update the hiring team with the correct interviewer(s))

You can use any standard SmartRecruiters role in the Hiring Team as the indicator for whose booking link will be sent out.

Option 2: via a Cronofy interviewer template

Cronofy template (for interviewer): in more complex interview cases or when there are specific constraints needed for the interviewer(s) you can set this up in a Cronofy template instead of using an interviewer in the Hiring Team in SmartRecruiters.

Set up a sender from address for the automated emails

  1. Login at Cronofy.
  2. Go to your Organizational Unit settings in the left menu.
  3. Add /sender_email_addresses at the end of the URL and add the central email that you want the automated emails with the booking links to be sent from.

Checklist before putting the trigger to live:

  • Does the Hiring Team in SmartRecruiters include the correct person?
  • The duration for the interview in the booking link is based on the interviewers' Cronofy preferences. Their standard meeting duration (this is 30 min) will be sent. If you wish to update this please contact and include to which duration you like to update this, and for which account.
  • Ensure the interviewer in SmartRecruiters has a Cronofy account that matches with the same email address.
  • Advise: test the trigger with a dummy candidate before setting it to live by checking ‘Enabled’ in the trigger page.

Set up automation for SmartRecruiters

04:!3 min
Set up an automation trigger
01:42 min
Set up a sender from address for the automated email
03:19 min
Set up a Cronofy interviewer template (only needed when interview limits need to be applied)