The most value you can get out of Cronofy will be in setting up meetings for other people and pools of other people. You can do this via selection rules.

Selection rules

A selection rule is a pool of one or more people that can conduct the meeting. It is where you create the criteria of who needs to be in a specific meeting.

You can combine one or multiple selection rules when you create a request.

Example 1: Combining different selection rules.

If you need the availability of two or more pools of people you can create a selection rule of 5 backend engineers of which 2 are needed + you can create a selection rule of 3 team leads of which 1 is needed. These two can both be added to a request and we'll look for any available times.

Example 2: combining one selection rule with a specific person.

If you need one specific person you can add them as a host to the request (e.g. a team lead). You can then also add one or multiple selection rules as 'other attendee' (e.g. team member).