A selection rule is a pool of one or more people that can conduct the meeting. It is where you create the criteria of who needs to be in a specific meeting.

Example: You have a pool of 25 engineers, and two of them need to be in an interview.

Once you have these pools defined in the selection rules you can use them when you create a new request. They can be added as a 'host' or as 'other attendee' if you want to combine a pool with a specific person as a host.

How to schedule with selection rules

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Create selection rules
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How to schedule for a pool of people (with selection rules)

How does Cronofy decide who gets selected from the pool?

The selection is 100% randomized.

Can't find the person you are trying to add to a selection rule?

In order to schedule for anyone else in your organization they need to have an account in Cronofy so we have access to their calendar. Learn how to manually invite someone, or contact support@cronofy.com if you want to set up a service account. A service account will automatically sync calendars so the people you are scheduling for don't have to take any action to accept an invite.

What happens when I update people in a selection rule after I sent out a booking link?

We will update the links you already created so the latest people in the pool are taken into account for the meeting.