Schedule for others as easy as for yourself

We believe scheduling for others should be just as easy as scheduling for yourself.

The only thing you need to change is the host when you create the request. We will do the rest and make sure we pull the availability of the other person, or multiple people, you're scheduling for.

How to schedule for other people

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How to schedule for someone else
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How to schedule with an interviewer pool

How to include availability exceptions

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How to add optional attendees
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How to override busy blocks in someone's calendar

How to invite and update other people's preferences

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How to update someone else's availability preferences
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How to manually invite people to join so you can schedule for them
Is the availability that is shared with a candidate real-time?

Yes. This will always be updated based on the calendar changes of the interviewer pool.

Only when you choose to override availability, or ignore availability, will we disregard any calendar updates.

How do I schedule for a pool of interviewers?

You'll need to first create a selection rule. After that you can add this rule as the host of the meeting and we will select one person, or multiple people, to attend the meeting.

Create selection rule
How does Cronofy select an interviewer?

This is 100% randomized based on whoever is available at the time the candidate selected.

Why does the availability preview show different slots when I create the request than in the final booking form?

To ensure we calculate the availability of needed interviewers as fast as possible, we select a randomized subset of interviewers from the larger selection rule. This subsets' availability is usually ˜6-10 interviewers.

When you create the request you will only see a preview of availability, when you create the request the booking form will select a final subset of interviewers that is static and will be shown to the candidate.

Will Cronofy calculate the availability even when I use a selection rule (pool) as a host?

Yes, we will share real-time availability with the candidate. Once a time is selected we will randomly choose an available person from the pool as the host.

Will everyone's timezone be automatically be taken into account?

Yes, we will take availability based on the interviewer(s) timezone settings and share this with the candidate in their own timezone.