Schedule right from Greenhouse

You can use Cronofy with the browser extension from Greenhouse. You can schedule interviews for anyone without needing to leave your go-to system.

Once the interview is scheduled it will be reflected on the candidate profile and the interviewers will receive any Greenhouse reminders and notifications that they normally would.

You can create a booking link for the candidate that lets them choose directly from the interviewers' availability.


  1. Go to the candidate page in Greenhouse.
  2. Open the Cronofy extension in your web browser (tip to pin this so you always see the icon next to your URL bar).
  3. Use the function 'Email' -> 'Email Candidate' on the candidate page and choose your email template to invite them for an interview.
  4. Either start a new request or start from one of your recent requests.
  5. Fill out the request details.
  6. Copy and paste the booking form link into the email you are creating in Greenhouse and send it to the candidate.
  7. That's it!

Always schedule from the candidate page so the interview will reflect back into Greenhouse.

Check out the first section of the Guides to learn more about creating a request in the extension, how to schedule for different interviewers, how to override availability and more!

Scheduling with automation set up?

Then you only need to move the candidate to the stage for which the automation trigger is set up. You can check if the email with the invite to schedule their interview is sent in the 'Activity Feed' on the candidate page.

Make sure:

  1. The Greenhouse Interview Plan has the correct duration for the automated interview.
  2. The Greenhouse Interview Plan has the correct default interviewer(s).
  3. The interviewer in Greenhouse also has a Cronofy account.

Schedule an interview in Greenhouse

01:40 min
Schedule interviews from Greenhouse with Cronofy
02:00 min
Send out automatic links when a candidate progresses
Will the interview in Greenhouse update when the interview gets canceled or rescheduled?

Yes, everything will be updated in Greenhouse.

Can I send separate invites to candidates and interviewers?

Yes, this is possible. Please check if this is set up by your company, if not we can enable this via (no additional charge).