Send automated emails with self-scheduling links

How is the automation triggered and what will happen?

The automation is set per job role and per interview stage. Once a candidate moves into the automated interview stage, they will receive an automated e-mail invitation with a scheduling link of the respective interviewer(s).

The system will look into the interviewer(s) available (free) slots in their regular calendar and share those with the candidate.

When the candidate chooses a slot, all attendees will receive calendar invitations for the interview.

How will the automation know which interviewer to select?

In most cases this will be chosen based on the interviewers in the interview plan in Greenhouse (not the hiring team).

There are two ways that the correct interviewer(s) scheduling link can be identified to sent to the candidate:

  • Greenhouse default interviewer (this will be in most cases)
    • One interviewer
    • Two or more interviewers where all should attend
    • Two or more interviewers where one of the pool should attend
  • Cronofy interviewer template (link to setting up interviewer template)
    • Interview limits needed to be applied to interviewers.
    • Complex interviews e.g. 2 people from a pool should be selected