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The interview is scheduled with the wrong interviewer(s)

This can be caused by either:

  • No default interviewer added in the Greenhouse interview plan of the role (see how to check this). The system will then default to the recruiter that is responsible for the candidate (check who that is).
  • Default interviewer is added in the Greenhouse interview plan, but doesn’t have a Cronofy account (see how to check this). If this is the case contact support@cronofy.com to get the account added. In the meantime the system will default to the recruiter that is responsible for the candidate (check who that is).
  • Interviewer selected via Cronofy template and the wrong template is selected (see how to check and change this).
The automation is not triggered when the candidate is moved to the next stage

First check:

  • If there is a recruiter assigned to the candidate profile (see where to check and change). If there is no recruiter, please add one and see if the automation works.

If it still doesn’t work:

  • Go into the Cronofy dashboard by logging in.
  • Go into [your organization] settings in the left column and to the tab 'Integrations' -> 'Greenhouse'.
  • Search the role with 'ctrl+F' (and correct interview stage) that is not sending out the automation.
  • If the trigger doesn’t exist you can create one via these instructions.
  • If the trigger exists, you can check if the ‘Enabled’ box is checked or not.

Did the above not work? We’re sorry to hear that but are happy to help you! Please send the job name and interview stage that you are trying to use to support@cronofy.com and we will help you further.

Why am I receiving e-mail confirmations for an interview that I am not a part of?

It looks like you might be the recruiter that is responsible for the candidate according to Greenhouse (if you previously rejected the same candidate, Greenhouse will keep you as the responsible recruiter for them when they apply for a new role). If you don't wish to receive these email notifications you can change the responsible recruiter for the candidate to the correct one in Greenhouse.