January 3, 2023

Cronofy becomes a certified SmartRecruiters integration partner!

SmartRecruiters users can now use Cronofy’s automated interview scheduling, integrated straight into their existing platform!
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Cronofy has partnered strategically with leading ATS provider, SmartRecruiters! Users can now take advantage of Cronofy’s flexible automated scheduling for all types of interviews. With our integration, even complex use cases such as panel or sequenced interviews can be scheduled in seconds. This looks set to transform how SmartRecruiters users schedule interviews, saving them valuable time and accelerate the recruitment process.

Cronofy is now listed on the SmartRecruiters marketplace for customers to start using right away. Recruiters can choose to fully automate scheduling as candidates move through the hiring stages, or use the browser extension to create personalized scheduling links. The extension works with Chrome and Firefox, and allows you to schedule without having to leave the SmartRecruiters platform.

The hiring headache

The Scheduler is a SaaS tool that can be integrated with ATS software so recruiters and hiring managers can schedule interviews in a few clicks rather than through frustrating back-and-forth emailing and calls. They can share their real-time availability with candidates and accelerate the hiring process.

Interview scheduling is a time-consuming process for recruiters – time they could be spending on higher value tasks like sourcing and building relationships with candidates. Cronofy’s Scheduler can deal with complex interview scheduling use cases, as well as allowing recruiters to schedule on behalf of a hiring manager; which makes it perfect for high-volume hiring.

Our CEO Adam had the following to say:

“We’re thrilled to be partnered with SmartRecruiters, being such an esteemed and trusted brand within the recruitment industry. We’ve worked with thousands of recruiters over the years, so we know how frustrating and time-consuming the interview scheduling process is. We’re excited to help make SmartRecruiters users lives easier and provide them with all the benefits of our flexible automated scheduling.”

SmartRecruiter's Director of Alliances, Stanislaw Wasowicz,echoed Adam's sentiments on the partnership:

“I’m delighted to welcome Cronofy to the Smartian ecosystem. Cronofy’s solutions are the pinnacle of what’s possible for solving scheduling at scale. Our new integration will be a game-changer for our customers on their road to hiring success. Increased hiring team productivity, better candidate experience, far less hassle for everyone. The future of this partnership looks very bright.”

The SmartRecruiters partnership is the latest to add to a growing list of software providers who trust Cronofy. We’re immensely proud of the fact we’ve been trusted by multiple highly esteemed software companies and look to keep helping recruiters hit their talent acquisition targets by integrating our scheduling technology with the HR platforms they use.

Want to integrate Cronofy with your SmartRecruiters platform? Book a demo and see how it can work for you.