October 19, 2021

Cronofy meets Workology on podcast episode: ‘How to choose the right tech to speed up time-to-hire'

HR tech and automation is growing in popularity among time-strapped recruitment firms. Our CEO, discusses how the right tech can speed up time-to-hire.
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HR tech is growing in popularity among time-strapped staffing and recruitment firms, particularly solutions that can automate tedious administrative tasks. Automated interview scheduling, onboarding, and payroll services are among recruiters’ top sought-after solutions, hoping they will save hiring time while improving the candidate experience.

The question is: how do you choose the right tech for your business?

Our CEO, Adam Bird, recently sat down for an episode of the Workology podcast;How to choose the right tech to speed up time-to-hire’. Adam was joined by Ken Krieger; Executive Vice President of staffing firm, The Judge Group. Cronofy recently partnered with The Judge Group to provide a resolution to their scheduling problems, leaving their recruiters with more time to focus on what’s important: matching the right candidate with the right position.

Here’s a list of the main highlights from the podcast:

The phone-tag phenomenon

The back-and-forth between recruiter and candidate is an infuriating game, and it only gets worse as a business grows. The Judge Group knows this all too well; they have eleven hundred full-time employees, seven million candidates, and two hundred thousand client contacts, all trying to schedule meetings. Adam explains that scheduling technology can streamline the process. An automated email with potential interview time slots can be sent to candidates when they move from one stage of the hiring process to the next, based on the real-time availability of recruiters. Ken agrees that Cronofy scheduling has helped rid the company of the phone-tag phenomenon, which was draining both the recruiter's and candidates' time. He explains how the speed of an email response complete with interview scheduling link on completing their job application gives them a 'buzz'; they feel seen as a person and more engaged in the process.

The vendor appeal

Recruiters and Talent Acquisition teams invest in HR technology solutions to improve their performance – from reducing time-to-hire, to enhancing employer brand. But deciding on the vendors can be tricky. Ken talks about how Cronofy's commitment to data privacy and security was a critical deciding factor in their decision process. He also highlighted the intangible factors he considered, for example, how reactive Cronofy was to their needs and having the flexibility to build bespoke solutions.

Buy-in from the board

Getting HR tech buy-in from the board is usually the biggest hurdle a HR leader faces before implementation. Ken and Adam discuss how to tackle this and effectively communicate to the board how the tool would benefit the business as a whole. They also cover the importance of aligning your new tech with business strategy to ensure people use it to their advantage.

Don’t side-step the security gaps

Security is a top priority for any business, especially within HR and recruitment, as they deal with so many personal details and sensitive data on a daily basis. Adam stresses how important security is to Cronofy and how this shapes our products and services. While they save the recruiters time, we always make sure to never scrimp on security.

Our candidate expectations report

Adam discusses the results from our “Candidate Hiring Expectations” report, which is full of invaluable insight to give recruiters the edge in the war for talent. The report is based on a survey of 6,500 candidates across the world. We conducted this research in partnership with OnePoll to better understand the impact of interview scheduling on candidate experience and employer brand. Hearing directly from candidates that interview scheduling delays lead to drop-off and negative employer brand perception stresses the importance of investing in the right technology to win the War for Talent.

Want to listen to the full podcast? Find it here on the Workology website!