Nearly half of candidates have disengaged or dropped out of a hiring process due to interview scheduling frustrations finds Cronofy’s latest survey

Author: Jérémy Bourhis

20th April 2021

At Cronofy, we’ve always believed scheduling should be seamless, secure and efficient. It’s why we exist. And it’s why we partnered with OnePoll to survey 6,500 candidates – all who had gone through a hiring process in the past year – from the US, UK, France and Germany. The aim? To better understand the impact of interview scheduling on candidate experience and employer perception.

The survey shows that 43% of candidates globally have dropped out of a hiring process because of interview scheduling delays. The results speak for themselves and you can dig into our report to find out more.


We wanted to clarify the value of investing in better interview scheduling. Is it just a nice to have feature or is it a key difference between a business able to hire and grow and one which is struggling to acquire top talent?

We’ve been working and speaking with recruiters and HR technology providers for many years, but this time we wanted to hear things directly from the candidates themselves. The results of this survey give recruiters and talent acquisition teams real insight into what candidates expect and want in the hiring process. We’ve achieved what we set out to do, delivering concrete data on areas that could be easily improved by HR professionals and the businesses they work for.

The survey data we present in this report clearly shows that businesses can, and do, lose out on top talent because of interview scheduling delays. And that has further consequences on their ability to hire.

In conclusion, we’ve discovered that first-class interview scheduling is worth more than the sum of its parts.

If you want specific insight into the US, UK, German or French hiring market results, download the relevant infographic using the link below:



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Date: 20th April 2021 | Category: Announcements, HR Tech