Supercharge your BambooHR ATS

Now you can spend less time coordinating interviews and move candidates faster through the hiring process with BambooHR's elite interview scheduling partner.

Powering scheduling for 180,000 companies

Schedule interviews for hiring managers
Book into blocked calendars
Schedule panel interviews
Rotate interviewers

Schedule interviews inside your ATS

From screening calls to hiring manager interviews and even loops, you can schedule any interview right inside your BambooHR account.

You no longer need to request a candidate's ability, simply allow them self-schedule into meetings with your team using a booking link.

One booking link, multiple rounds of interviews

Now, you can allow candidates to book themselves into multi-part interviews in one go. No need to chase interviewers for free times, Cronofy automatically generates a booking link with their free slots in real-time for your candidate.

Talk to a product specialist to see how you can reduce time-to-hire with Cronofy inside BambooHR