About Cronofy

Find out more about our mission, our principles, and our team.

Scheduling everything for everyone


We deliver tools and services that allow businesses, groups, and people to effectively organize their time. Managing time should take minimal effort and consider a person’s whole life with complete respect for their privacy.


A world where everyone has more time to spend on what’s important to them. Instead of organizing, time should be spent living.


Our Principles


Never gonna give you up

We trust and support each other. We face the big challenges and prevail by working together.

Driven to simplicity

We are easily irritated by complexity and fluff. We can’t help but remove barriers and streamline everything we touch.

Why so serious?

We’re most definitely here to work hard but that doesn’t mean we don’t like a laugh and enjoy each other’s company.


Never gonna let you down

Our products are reliable, secure, and respect everyone’s privacy. They serve fundamental problems and not fads.

Plays well with others

Our products are designed to be part of and extensions to other products. They enable everyone to schedule, wherever they are.

Availability, not suitability

We help companies solve scheduling problems so that they can solve business problems. We don’t decide the what, but we help to decide the when.


Everything above board

We don’t hide the truth from our teammates and customers. It might not always be pleasant, but we don’t compromise on honesty.

Measure what matters

We want to quantify our efforts whenever possible in order to know we’re achieving what we aim to.

Pragmatism toward perfection

Time and resources will always be constrained. We keep our processes as light as possible and always look to automate so that everyone can focus on higher-value operations.

Meet the founders

Adam Bird

Adam is CEO and co-founder of Cronofy, the unified calendar API. He’s a highly technical and experienced technology entrepreneur with a passion for continuous improvement that pervades every aspect of his life. A lover of cycling and craft beer but he never really got on with having a beard for that hipster hat-trick.

Adam is an advocate and supporter of the Nottingham Technology scene and works with the City Council on initiatives to drive business activity.

Garry Shutler

Garry is Cronofy’s CTO and co-founder, and a software developer who is allergic to mediocrity. With a varied history including being lead developer at Zopa, the world’s oldest and Europe’s largest peer-to-peer lending service, he’s tackled many challenges that involve scale, highly sensitive data, and where a high degree of accuracy and high level of availability is paramount.

Garry thrives when challenged and so jumped at the chance to join Adam at Cronofy as CTO and take on the task of providing the API for the world’s time.

Husband, father, and cyclist. Proponent of the Oxford comma.

Meet the team

Jeremy Bourhis

Head of Marketing

Experienced digital marketer with interest in paid search and display, website optimization, content marketing strategies and e-communications.

When not working or travelling you will find him reading, playing video game or walking in the countryside.

Tom Hazledine

Senior Frontend Developer

Data-visualization tinkerer and podcast enthusiast.

UI and UX expert, who enjoys hand-coding SVGs and making illustrations in CSS.

Tomas Kuzmickas

Account Executive

Business philosopher passionate about leveraging new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Hardy obstacle course racer that’s always looking for the next big challenge and motivating others along the way. Loves to wind down by playing strategy games and learning about what drives organisational success.

Kristina Proffitt

Content Marketer

Author, poet, blogger, copywriter, reader, baker.

When she’s not curled up with a cup of coffee and good book, you can find her experimenting with the latest content marketing strategies.

Catherine Russell

Head of Finance

Excel fanatic and international SaaS finance guru.

Lover of fine cuisine (French), wine (French), countryside (French).

Beatrix Tam

Account Executive

Sales and customer success ninja.

Enjoys all outdoor activities, watching ice hockey and all you can eat buffets.

Working for Cronofy

We're a high-growth, product-focused company led by a successful serial entrepreneur. Cronofy is at that exciting stage where every person that joins the team can have a major hand in our success and rapidly advance their careers in the process.

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