Recruiters Save 300 Hours a Year

Easy scheduling for any kind of interview. Cronofy is built to make complexity simple.

One-to-One interviews

Interview scheduling without the back-and-forth.

‍Recruiters and hiring managers can create personalized interview booking links for candidates, with time slots that update in real-time, in line with the manager’s availability.

‍Candidates have the power to select the time and date that suits them best.

Panel interviews

Panel interviews scheduled in minutes, not days.

‍Cronofy provides interview scheduling without the complexity of multiple calendars. The Scheduler works with whatever calendar provider you and your candidates are using and syncs everything in real-time.

Multi-part sequenced interviews

Cronofy reduces the time it takes to organise a multi-part interview by 95%.

‍Sequences can be created in a fixed or flexible order, and ensures candidates are offered the best times based on who and what is involved in each step.

High-volume interview scheduling

Designed for performance, even during periods of high-volume hiring. Calendar availability updates in real-time so there’s no risk of double-booking.

‍Recruiters can even schedule interviews on behalf of other recruiters or busy hiring managers to keep the hiring pipeline moving. Managers have the option to allow booking over times that have been “blocked out” in their calendars for interviews.

Group Interviews

Simple interview scheduling, no matter how many candidates calendars are involved.

‍Group interview slots close once a set number of candidates are reached, and works seamlessly with interview sequences of any size.

Video interviews

Cronofy integrates with the leading video conferencing services, for streamlined remote interview scheduling.

‍Automatically create video and dial-in details when creating calendar events, with your chosen conferencing tool.