Let's Rendezvous

The Cronofy Hack24 Challenge

Hack24 is back and Cronofy will not only be there with our own team of hackers, we're also proud to be sponsoring a challenge once again!

About Cronofy

Cronofy connects your software to the calendars of your users. We help you build real-time, two-way calendar integrations without compromising on users' privacy.

We recently launched our Availability API. It’s the perfect complement to our Calendar API - it tells you in real-time when your users are available to get together.

It's a brand-new API and that means that there are ways to use it we didn’t even imagine when building it, so we're very excited to see what you come up with.

The Challenge: Let's rendezvous!

There are loads reasons for people to get together but getting people together is hard work.

  • "Where shall we meet?"
  • "When?"
  • "Who needs to go and who is actually going?"
  • "Who's showing up late?"
  • "Who's flaking out on us at the last minute and what are we going to do about it?"

For this challenge we want you to identify a situation where people need to rendezvous, and make it easier. Easier to organise, easier to attend, easier to have a great time together.

Our box of tricks

We've got some tools to help

  • Our Calendar API helps clear the fog, you can view and manage calendars and events
  • Our Push Notifcations let you know when people make changes to their calendars - this lets you use the calendar as an interface
  • Our Availability API allows you to check the real-time availability of a group of people

To the victor, the spoils

No competition would be complete without a truly great prize to vie for. Each member of the winning team will go home with a brand new Amazon Echo.

May the best hack win!

How we will determine the winners:



Thinking out of the box is important so surprise us! Be inventive in the types of get-togethers you want to simplify, be insightful in the problems around getting together you want to solve.



If your hack helps, that's the kind of hack we want to see.

Active Development


Creativity is great but the more people can enjoy it the better. We want to see that you've considered the various needs of different people, different devices and situations.

Meet the Judge

Garry is Cronofy's CTO, a software developer that's allergic to mediocrity. He is the mind behind many of Cronofy’s ‘time bending’ products.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Garry or any of our team if you have questions - we'll be in the bright blue t-shirts on the day and we're also on the Tech Nottingham Slack Channel.


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About Hack24

Hosted by Tech Nottingham, Hack24 is a 24 hour coding competition. Teams of up to four people build innovative things and compete for some awesome prizes (an Amazon Echo for example).
Hack24 will take place at Nottingham Council House in Old Market Square in the heart of Nottingham on the 18th & 19th March 2017.