Sending separate invites with custom invite details

Send separate calendar invites to your candidate and interviewer(s) when creating a request.

This will allow you to:

  • Share separate calendar event content with a candidate and interviewer(s). E.g. you can share preparation information to your candidate, and share the candidate information with your interviewer(s).
  • Guarantee privacy as both parties will not see each others information such as name and contact details.
  • Hide internal calendar updates from candidates.
  • Maintain control over interview changes. Interviewers won't have the option to decline which will keep you in control in case they need to reschedule a time or a different interviewer.

Show me how to use this in:

Please contact if:

  • You like to change the sender name of the invites to the candidates. Your Cronofy Organizational Unit is the standard sender name, but we can customize this for you.
  • You like to set separate invites as the default setting for your Organizational Unit so all invites will be sent automatically as separate ones.

⚠️ Separate invites is not supported if you create a request from a template.

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01:53 min
Set up, and schedule with your separate invite templates
00:52 min
Set up a custom sender name and/or email address for your calendar invites

Will the interviewer be able to decline?

No, the interviewer will receive the invite but will not be able to decline. This prevents the candidate from getting decline messages while there is no interview scheduled yet.

Please note that the candidate will still be able to decline the invite. You will get notified if they do.

Can I set this as a default setting?

Yes, please contact so we can enable this for you.

Can we change the sender name and/or email address?

Yes, please contact so we can help you set this up.

Can I see if a candidate accepted?

Yes, you can find this in the request page in Cronofy for this specific request.