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Full calendar sync

Real-time and two-way calendar sync

Writing events for the Google Calendar API is easy, but when it comes to calendar sync, that’s only half the story. Synchronization between different calendar services is an important part of connecting an application to a user’s calendar.

The Cronofy Calendar API is designed to serve the needs of applications delivering real-time synchronization.

When an event is created on Google Calendar and sent to someone that doesn’t use Google Calendar, events can be updated independently. This means users may miss out on crucial information.

Cronofy creates one version of an event that syncs between every calendar service. There are no risks of events being updated separately.

Cronofy also differentiates between updates to your events and other events in the calendar, streamlining your application so that it only deals with what it needs to.

Find out more about how Cronofy can help you with the Google Calendar API.

Data Privacy

Choose which data you want to access

When an application is connected to Google’s Calendar API, it can access everything or nothing. That means that people who don’t want to share details of private appointments either have no choice but to share this information, or they miss out on the many benefits of calendar sync.

We allow developers to create flexible integrations, meaning that if they only need to access users’ free/busy data, that’s all their software will retrieve.

In large organizations this gives employees and employers greater privacy over their schedules. Our Enterprise Connect feature takes this further by automatically connecting every calendar on an organization’s domain and creating just one entry point for all instead of one for each user.

We also allow our customers to choose whether their data is hosted in our US or EU data centers.

Connect to whole organizations securely with Enterprise Connect.

One API, all calendars

Calendar integration made easy

Integrating with multiple calendar services is painful. Even after they’ve been set up, integrations are time-consuming and costly to maintain.

The Cronofy Calendar API allows you to connect your software not just to the Google Calendar API, but to iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365, too.

Even if you’re not planning integrations with other calendar services right now, offering the ability future-proofs your company and software.

We currently support every version of Google Calendar and will continue to in the future, meaning that no matter what happens with the Google Calendar API, users’ calendars will always be in sync with your software.

Don't just create integrations with the Google Calendar API - future proof your business by connecting to all the major calendar services with just one API instead.

Cronofy also offers...


Support for all calendars

You and your users can use whichever calendar services you like, not just Google Calendar.


Optimized documentation

Forget endless documentation for each individual API – everything is in one succinct set of Cronofy docs.


Full security and privacy

Enhanced data modelling means you only deal with data you need, and user privacy is fully controlled.



Works whether you want one user or unlimited users.



Cronofy includes a 99.95% uptime SLA as standard.


Active development

New features and updates are rolled out regularly.


Personal support

The Cronofy API is very intuitive, but if you have a question we’re here to help.


Perfect sync

Enjoy reliable synchronization without having to deal with conflicts.



We welcome your feedback and suggestions, and have an open ideas platform for users.

Integrating with Cronofy was really straightforward. Their documentation and support are first-class. We were able to quickly and easily integrate calendar availability into our call scheduling feature without having to worry about setting up several disparate calendar service integrations.

Chris Yancey
Full Stack Engineer - UpCounsel

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Cronofy Google Calendar API FAQs

How do I use the Google Calendar API via Cronofy?

All you need for Cronofy is our documentation and an access token. For specific step-by-step instructions, our Getting Started guide takes you through the process in less than ten minutes.

How do I get my Cronofy Google Calendar API key?

With Cronofy, you only need one API key to integrate with all the calendar services. In addition to Google Calendar, you also have access to, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, and Office 365 calendar APIs if you need them. Create an account to get your universal calendar API key – it’s free.

Which Google Calendar API versions do you support?

We support all versions of the Google Calendar API, and will continue to do so moving forward.

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