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Jez Louise

“Cronofy enables our clients to seamlessly add tasks to their calendars, improving efficiencies and avoiding any double-handling. Our internal support team also gets just as much value out of it as our clients!”

— Jez Louise, Support Manager, JobAdder

Every company calendar connected

The most common method of calendar integration is for each user to authorize your software to access their calendar. If you deal with organizations of users who are all on the same domain, it can be a laborious process getting access to the Calendar of every user.

Enterprise Connect allows you to authorize access to the calendars of an entire company domain in one go. Integration is simple.

Authorizing domains with Enterprise Connect works seamlessly alongside authorizing users’ Calendars individually. Whichever approach you took to grant access, the API calls you make to manage that user’s calendar are exactly the same.

Tried and tested calendar security

From SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, data security is a concern for every organization. Enterprise Connect gives you access to any calendar on an organization's domain while their administrator retains full control over which accounts are accessible.

One connection to your customer’s calendar service rather than separate connections set up by each user means your customer can manage that access all in one place.

Give your customers a great Calendar Connected experience and full control over their Exchange Server, Google account, or Office 365 account.

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Easily book rooms and resources

Ever booked a meeting room for a presentation and turned up to discover there's no screen available? It's not great.

Enterprise Connect provides access to calendars for bookable resources like rooms, parking spaces, and equipment. This allows you to make sure your users have access to all the resources they need, when they need them.

And like for other calendars you can get notified if a room is double-booked and adapt your booking to your need in regards to space and equipment.

“HR systems today need to have the employee front and center and must require minimal training. Leveraging chat systems and native interfaces like calendars provide people with natural user experiences that just work wherever they are.”

— Anton Roe, CTO, MHR

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