CASEpeer is a case management solution that enables law firms across the US to manage their cases better and faster. Users benefit from having all the information they need in one place. Files are automatically organized and accessible anytime, anywhere. Tasks can be assigned and prioritized, and deadlines can be added as cases progress.

Litigation attorneys are constantly running from one case to another. Having a platform that uses a variety of tools to organize their day adds incredible value to their lives.

With easily accessible information, instant in-app alerts for new and completed tasks, and information on upcoming deadlines, attorneys can reduce the burden of administrative tasks and focus on their clients instead.

Communicating with clients has never been easier. CASEpeer tracks email correspondence and has an in-app text messaging facility that allows the sending and receiving of text messages without the need for lawyers to share their phone number.

Clients also have access to their own portal on CASEpeer where they can view important information and updates regarding their case.

Law firms benefit from increased automation which means less hours wasted on admin tasks and easy reporting tools that are available to aid data-driven decisions.

CASEpeer has been proven to win and retain more clients, maximize settlements and increase profits for law firms.

The Challenge

CASEpeer helps law firms of all shapes and sizes across the US to manage their cases better and faster from intake to settlement.

However, managing more than one calendar can be a mammoth task, especially when attorneys are always on the go. CASEpeer’s users can add calendar events and meetings directly to the online platform, but what about the meetings and other commitments attorneys have on their personal calendars?

In order to ensure that meetings are being kept and deadlines are met, CASEpeer wanted to offer a complete and straightforward solution to their clients. When dealing with litigation cases and sensitive information, the last thing attorneys want to do is skip between multiple calendars.

CASEpeer wanted to give their users the possibility to sync their personal calendars to their platform and have all their meetings and commitments in one place.

To achieve their goal, the team at CASEpeer needed to integrate and maintain connections with all the major calendar services. Integrating with just one calendar provider takes weeks of development time; integrating with all major calendar providers would have taken them months.

The team at CASEpeer decided to find outside expertise that could help them to achieve full calendar sync for their users in a fraction of that time.

Cronofy’s Calendar API works with all major calendar providers: Google, iCloud,, Office 365, and Exchange. The connections are maintained by us, which means even less time spent by developers on the integration process.

Our mission is to help SaaS companies worldwide deliver life-changing scheduling solutions to their users, freeing them from mundane administrative tasks and allowing them to spend their time on what really matters, their clients.

The Solution

CASEpeer use the Cronofy Calendar API to allow their users to sync their personal calendars to the case management platform. Since its implementation, over 80% of CASEpeer users are taking full advantage of this feature.

When setting up, users are prompted to sync their calendar of choice to the online platform, using Cronofy. CASEpeer uses this information to display all events on their online platform.

Users can edit events directly on CASEpeer and don’t need to switch between the platform and their calendar applications. Due to the real-time, two-way calendar sync that the Cronofy Calendar API enables, new events will be automatically added to their synced calendars as well. The opposite is also true: if an event is created via their personal calendar, the same event will be added to CASEpeer.

There’s no risk of double-booking or missing appointments. We’ve built a best-in-class sync engine that allows two-way calendar sync in real-time.

Users have the choice of adding as much information as they need into their calendar events, from case name, identification information, and location that syncs to their maps, all making for a smoother transition from one case to another.

Every business deals with sensitive information on a daily basis, but when it comes to law firms, keeping information safe is paramount. With Cronofy’s APIs, you can rest assured your users’ calendar data is always kept secure.

With our help, the team at CASEpeer was able to relieve their users of the burden of managing multiple calendars and allowed them to focus on their cases, by adding two-way, real-time calendar sync to their online platform.

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