Use Cases

Inspirational HR Use Cases

Discover some of the many benefits of integrating Cronofy's APIs with your HR software.

Interview Scheduling

Organizing a time when busy members of an interview panel and a candidate are free to meet can be a nightmare.

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Absence Management

Whether it's organizing holidays or staff sickness, absence management can be a long and convoluted process.

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Yearly Employee Appraisal Scheduling

Organizing end-of-year reviews is a huge-scale operation, especially for companies with thousands of employees.

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Employee Scheduling and Shift Planning

When you're part of a large company, it's difficult to organize overtime and seasonality around employees' other commitments.

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Managing Staff

As businesses grow, training sessions are critical to share the company culture and help employees reach development objectives.

Manage staff training

See how Skyscanner, ResBook, Appointedd, TrekkSoft, and others are using the Cronofy API

Other Use Cases

Get inspired by use cases illustrating how Calendar Integration can be used to build great features into a wide range of solutions.

Ensure customers never miss an appointment again with the help of the Cronofy Calendar API.

Appointment reminders

Reduce the likelihood of customers missing appointments by sending appointment reminders straight to their phone.

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Bookings and cancellations

Sync your booking system with employees' and customers' calendars to prevent double-bookings and save everyone time.

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Calendar Sync for CRM

Sync employees' calendars with your CRM system for live activity tracking and all the information you need in one place.

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Live travel itineraries

Store everything your customer needs to know about their travel plans in one place, and send live updates with push notifications.

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Mobile calendar sync

Reduce the risks of double-booking and missed appointments by syncing with your customers' calendars.

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Team schedule management

Manage multiple team members' schedules from your booking system and send appointments straight to their calendar.

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