Reduce interview scheduling time by up to 95%

Interview scheduling made easy

  • Schedule one-on-one, panel, and group interviews in just a few clicks
  • Works with interview sequences of any shape or size
  • Send candidates links to book their own interviews
  • Save hiring managers and recruitment teams time
  • Send trackable calendar invites to see if candidates have accepted, declined, or deleted the interview from their calendar

Interview self-scheduling

  • Send candidates customized booking links
  • Links can be a one-off or continuous
  • Scalable interview scheduling for as many candidates as your customers need
  • Candidates can schedule interviews in their own time
  • Times offered to candidates reflect interviewers’ real-time availability

"Cronofy's documentation, sample apps and support is excellent and has enabled a fast and painless calendar integration. Not having to integrate with different calendar providers and having almost no maintenance to speak of has allowed us to focus on delivering scheduling solutions based on the real-time availability of our users quickly."

David Wennergren
CTO, Teamtailor
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One-on-one interview scheduling

  • No email chains or phone calls to find times to interview
  • Calendar authorization can be done individually, as a group, or an entire organization – it’s up to you and your customers
  • Hiring managers can choose the days and times they want to be available
  • Slots change in real time based on who’s conducting the interview
  • No risk of two candidates booking the same time

Panel interviews

  • Only offer candidates times when every panel member – and a meeting room – are available
  • Availability changes in real time as and when the panel members change
  • A self-booking link can be sent to candidates in the same way as for a one-on-one interview
  • Find the availability of up to 10 people, rooms, or resources at the same time

Multi-part interviews

  • Sequences can be created in a fixed or flexible order
  • Offer candidates the best times based on who and what is involved in each step
  • Coordinate the people, places, and equipment needed for an interview at the same time
  • Reduces the time it takes to organize a multi-part interview by up to 95%

Group interviews

  • Slots close once a set number of candidates are reached
  • Ensures rooms aren’t overcapacity for group interviews
  • Works seamlessly with interview sequences of any shape or size

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