Real-time Scheduling

Give your booking system a boost

Our Real-Time Scheduling feature eliminates the long back and forth when arranging a meeting. With Real-Time Scheduling you send out a link to the person you're meeting with, then they choose from a set of time slots that represent the real-time calendar availability of everyone attending.

This feature is popular in HR as it helps hiring managers schedule interviews, but it can be used in a range of scenarios. Whether it's medical appointments, property viewings, or sales meetings with prospects, if your platform needs to arrange an event between busy people, Cronofy can help.

We've created a demo showcasing how fictional booking software Globex use Cronofy's Real-Time Scheduling feature to streamline scheduling.

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Interview scheduling made easy

HR providers can use the Cronofy Availability API to connect users' calendars to recruitment software. With our Real-Time Scheduling feature hiring managers can now generate and send a link to candidates. This link allows them to choose an interview slot that works best for them and when the interviewers are free.

The same link works for everyone – useful if there are multiple interviews to schedule.

Available interview slots update in real-time to reflect changes made to the interviewers' calendars, so there's no risk of double-booking or clashing with other meetings. Once a slot is selected, a calendar event is added to the calendars of the interview panel and the candidate.

For more complex interview structures, try Cronofy's Intelligent Interview Sequencing feature.

Free up the hiring managers

Booking interviews between a dozen job applicants and an already busy interview panel is a complex, time-consuming task. An automated booking process frees up the hiring managers to prepare for the interviews and provide feedback to the unsuccessful applicants, which helps the organization's employer brand and helps to fill future vacancies.

Cronofy's Enterprise Connect allows you to gain access to the calendars of an entire organization all in one go so all hiring managers can benefit from Calendar Sync.

Improve the candidate experience

The longer setting up the interview takes the more likely it is that a candidate will drop off, either because they have received another offer or simply because it takes too much time to find a time that works for everyone.

With real-time and automated interview scheduling, candidates can simply click on the link sent to them by the recruiter to book their interview. It takes minutes, not days, and the candidate experience is vastly enhanced. Proposed times reflect the real-time availability of the interview panel, preventing any double-booking in an interviewer’s calendar.

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Reduce the risk of no-shows

It's hard enough to find a time that fits into both the candidate and the interviewers’ schedules. But what happens when the interview need to be rescheduled because a member of the interview panel has another commitment? And what if the candidate needs to change the time of the interview?

The scheduling link sent via the Cronofy Availabilty API is updated in real-time and always reflects the accurate state of the interviewers' calendars. There's no need to phone and try to reschedule an interview – the hiring manager can simply access the availability of the interview panel and update the event accordingly.

Add a new premium feature to your offering

Calendar Sync is hugely popular with HR professionals to automate interview scheduling. Adding this feature to a recruiting software allows companies to expand their offering and accelerate their business growth.

The Cronofy API is well-documented, regularly updated and easy to use. We provide sample apps and developer support to help you save time and costs. Your teams have more flexibility to work on value-added features for your clients. Don’t take our word for it – see what our customers are saying.

See Real-Time Scheduling in Action

We’ve built a demo to show you how you can streamline the interview scheduling process by integrating Cronofy into your recruiting software.