Send booking links with Real-Time Scheduling

Put the invitee in control. They choose the time slot they want based on other attendees’ availability. Once an event is booked it can be added to everyone’s calendars. It’s ideal for interview scheduling but it can be used by anyone to schedule meetings in a few clicks.

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Getting started

Get calendar connected

To start, every internal attendee – in this scenario, the members of the interview panel – must have their calendar connected to your software via Cronofy.

Authorization can be granted on an individual, manual basis, or automatically using Enterprise Connect.

You have control over how the OAuth2 page looks, meaning that you can customize it to match your branding.

Invite members

Select the panel members

Once the interview panel’s calendars are connected, the interview organizer must choose which members of the interview panel are needed.

Time slots will then appear based on their real-time availability.

Should a new meeting appear in their calendar or a member of the panel change, the times offered will automatically update to reflect this.

Share available time slots

Generate a unique booking link

The next step is to generate a booking link.

Your users can send a unique booking link to as many qualified candidates or attendees as they need, whether that’s one, ten, or even a hundred.

Every candidate chosen for interview will receive a personalized email. The booking link inside will take them to the slot picker where they can choose the time slot that works best for them. Time slots are based on the interview panel’s availability.

There’s no risk of two candidates booking the same interview slot – as soon as someone has chosen a time, it’s removed from the list of options.

Real-time booking

Add the event to everyone's calendars

Once a candidate has chosen their interview slot, it’s automatically added to the interview panel’s calendars. This avoids any double-bookings on their end, whether that comes from another interview or a coworker wanting to schedule a meeting with them. You can also choose to use our Smart Invites API to send the event to the candidate.

Real-Time Scheduling makes it a hassle-free process for interview panels to coordinate interviews. Once their calendars are connected, there’s no more scheduling work required on their end. Their time is freed up to focus on preparing for the interview itself.

Key features


Offer a great booking experience

Send external invitees – candidates for example – a booking link to let them book the time slot that works best for them.


No double bookings

Available time slots change to always present the latest availability whenever the external attendee clicks the booking link.


Scale your booking process

Real-Time Scheduling is scalable no matter the scenario. You can generate as many unique booking links as you need.


Save development time

Our API generates the email to send the booking links to the invitees. We also provide you with a customizable slot picker.


User Interface Element

The Slot Picker UI Element is an embeddable version of our Real-Time Scheduling interface. It uses our Availability API to query a calendar synced with Cronofy.


Enable self-scheduling

The Slot Picker UI element can be embedded on website or in SaaS applications to allow people to self-schedule in a few clicks.

One of UpCounsel’s main value propositions is connecting customers with highly qualified attorneys quickly and effortlessly. With Cronofy, our users can schedule calls with lawyers within minutes. Our lawyers also love it because they spend less time coordinating calls and instead can focus on helping their clients.

Jaya Pareek
Product Manager - UpCounsel

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