Real-Time, Automated Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews in seconds

Take the hassle out of interview scheduling for your users. Give them the ability to schedule interviews in seconds. No matter what calendar service they – or their customers – use.

Get calendar connected

To start, every member of the interview panel must have their calendar connected to your software via Cronofy.

This can be done on an individual, manual basis, or automatically using Enterprise Connect.

You have control over how the OAuth2 page looks, meaning that you can design it to match your branding.

Select the panel members

Once the interview panel's calendars are connected, the interview organizer must choose which members of the interview panel are needed.

Time slots will then appear based on their real-time availability.

Should a new meeting appear in their calendar or a member of the panel change, the times offered will automatically update to reflect this.

Generate the booking link

The next step is to generate a booking link.

Your users can send this to as many qualified candidates as they need, whether that's one, one hundred, or even one thousand.

Every candidate chosen for interview will receive the same email. The link inside will take them to the booking page, where they can choose their interview time at their own convenience, based on the interview panel's availability.

There's no risk of two candidates booking the same interview slot – as soon as someone has chosen a time, it's removed from the list of options.

The interview is automatically added to the panel's schedules

Once a candidate has chosen their interview slot, it's automatically added to the interview panel's calendars. This avoids any double-bookings on their end, whether that comes from another interview or a coworker wanting to schedule a meeting with them.

Real-Time Scheduling makes it a hassle-free process for interview panels to coordinate interviews. Once their calendars are connected, there's no more scheduling work required on their end. Their time is freed up to focus on preparing for the interview itself.

“Personio is building an innovative HR management and recruiting solution for HR departments, managers and employees. Real-time calendar sync is crucial to ensuring it fits seamlessly into both their working and personal lives. ”

— Hanno Renner, Co-founder & CEO, Personio

Key features

  • Write calendar events

  • Create interview sequences

    Create interview sequences

  • Send booking links

    Send booking links

  • Real-time updates

    Update schedules in real-time

Secure calendar connectivity

OAuth2 controls access and security to your users' calendars.

You can choose to host your data in the US or EU. Both data centers are fully GDPR compliant and adhere to our stringent data security policies.

For further information on our data security policies, please visit our data security page.

Cronofy offers advanced security when it comes to calendar connectivity

Payment plans to suit your needs

How much you pay is based on the number of users, what features you need, and whether your data is hosted in the US or EU.

A user is a customer or end user who has connected their calendar to Cronofy. They're only recognized as a user once they've completed the authentication process. A single user can have several calendars connected. You will never be charged based on the number of calendar events that a person reads, writes, or edits.

Prices for Real-Time Scheduling start at $499 a month for up to 1,000 users. Should you go over your user limit, additional users start from $0.55.

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