Enhanced calendaring user experience with Skyscanner

Enhanced calendaring user experience with Skyscanner

Industry: Online Booking

Language & Framework: Ruby on Rails

Product: Unified Calendar API

In a nutshell

Introducing Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site that uses unique proprietary technology so users can compare millions of flight, hotel and car hire options. It also powers travel search for over 600 partners through its ‘Skyscanner for Business’ product range.

Skyscanner is ‘a high-growth business with a simple aim: to inspire travellers around the world and make travel search as easy as possible through our world-class technology.’

Cronofy lets us focus on our core by saving us time and keeping a tricky domain at arm’s length. It’s well engineered and exceptionally well supported.

Ross McNairn, Head of Corporate Travel, Skyscanner

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the key to any successful journey is good time management. Skyscanner’s customers not only need to be able to search and book easily, but ensure that all their travel plans are ordered and easily viewable all in one place – their calendar.

The challenge

Skyscanner has an extensive range of business and consumer clients all over the world. They need the ability to add flights, hotels, and other travel details to whatever calendar system(s) they use. This data often needs to be added to multiple calendars, for example for group trips and effective business use. Many of Skyscanner’s business users are required to add booking information to Microsoft Exchange calendars due to company requirements, but that information also needs to be present on their personal calendars, particularly mobile ones.

The user could add their travel details, or a group’s travel details, to a series of calendars, but is then responsible for maintaining any changes. With the distraction of travel and the juggling of lots of tasks and information, this is usually the first thing to be forgotten.

The solution

Using the Cronofy API, documentation, and one-to-one support, Skyscanner integrated advanced calendaring functionality into their services. The ability to create, read, update, and delete specific events across all calendar services from a single API means that details can be managed easily and there’s no compromise on security or privacy. Furthermore, utilizing Cronofy’s push notifications functionality ensures Skyscanner has an efficient integration with clients’ calendars rather than polling them constantly.

Having automatically integrated, reliable calendar information means that Skyscanner customers don’t have to self-manage calendar information, resulting in far fewer missed trips and cancellations. They also benefit from accessing a broader selection of supported calendar providers, allowing them to use their usual calendaring tool instead of having to sign up for more services unnecessarily or have multiple calendars to manage in different locations.

From an internal perspective, using the Cronofy API not only saved Skyscanner a significant amount of time and resources during the implementation project itself, but also has the key advantage that ongoing maintenance is minimal and hassle-free. Customers benefit from additional value-adding services, and Skyscanner can rely on a service that just works. It’s a win-win.

By using Cronofy we were able to integrate with multiple calendars in the fraction of the time it would’ve taken us to build all connections. We implemented Google Calendar, Exchange, Apple, and Outlook calendar integration all via the Cronofy API, with Exchange being particularly important for us.

We were happy with the API documentation and the support they provided. We also benefited from many of the features that they added after our initial integration, such as time zone support for events – particularly important when talking about flights in foreign countries.

Ross McNairn, Head of Corporate Travel, Skyscanner


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