Voicemod recruiters are scaling up their interview scheduling with Cronofy

Discover how the Voicemod recruitment team has transformed their interview scheduling process in Lever and is saving 5 hours a week per recruiter

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“Interview scheduling took up so much of our time before – now it's much quicker. For example, we have our daily morning meetings, and before all of us would list scheduling interviews as a task, maybe dedicating one hour of the day to it. Now, no one even mentions scheduling interviews as a task, because it’s so quick and simple.”

João Braga

Global Talent Acquisition Specialist
5 hours
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Voicemod is a software development company focused on AI voice changing. The company was founded back in 2014 by Jaime, Fernando, and Juan Bosch with headquarters in Valencia, Spain. They had a vision to enable everyone to express themselves through sound. They built expressive and immersive audio tools, making it easy to create unique sonic identities and enable interactions with personalized sounds. Today, more than 40 million gamers and streamers are creating their sonic identities and turning regular voice chat sessions into full-blown spectacles using our revolutionary audio tools. They have  a fully-remote working model, with a team of over 100 employees working for them across the globe.


Voicemod was undergoing a period of increased hiring. Their business was scaling up, and hiring between 10-15 people per quarter. As their Talent Acquisition team only consisted of three members, this was becoming unsustainable, especially considering the number of applications tech roles typically receive. For a long time, the team had done things manually – a lot of back-and-forth between themselves, hiring managers, and candidates, looking at calendars and trying to find the best time for everyone. Interview scheduling was draining a lot of time – the teamwanted to change this.

“I see the Talent Acquisition function as a strategic function. It’s not just an administrative team, where we just book interviews and provide feedback etc. So if there's technology we can use that takes the admin work off our hands, that’s what we should do. And scheduling is a big part of that work – we were spending a lot of time on something that doesn't really add value.”

- João Braga | Global Talent Acquisition Specialist

They began by implementing an ATS, Lever, to relieve some of the administrative burden. This helped in numerous ways, however interview scheduling remained a problem. The native scheduling function within Lever was fine for one-to-one interview scheduling, however they quickly discovered the issues for more complex, multi-person scenarios like booking panel interviews. It would end up going back to a manual, back-and-forth process of checking calendars, which is what they had wanted to move away from.

One of the other recurring issues was with rescheduling. Whenever a candidate needed to reschedule, they didn’t have the option to change the meeting time themselves as the link was only one-use. Many times they would come to the TA team to tell them they needed to reschedule, and the team then had to go through the process of finding a new time all over again. It was frustrating and time-consuming, as well as damaging to the candidate experience.

“The candidate experience we were providing was a concern to me. As a candidate, you want to feel you are somehow in control of the process, so giving them the option to choose a time, it's always better than back-and-forth emails.”

- João Braga | Global Talent Acquisition Specialist


The team explored some alternative scheduling automation platforms before discovering Cronofy, but they were too expensive, robust, and a considerable commitment to make considering they couldn’t try the tool beforehand. They weren’t sure how much they would use the tool at that stage, or if they would like using it. They needed something lightweight, straightforward and simple for everyone to use. Cronofy ticked all the boxes.

When Cronofy was presented to João, he could see straight away how simple it was to use – everything made sense. VoiceMod loved that Cronofy was scaleable to their hiring needs, being able to adapt to the fluctuating workload.

“We looked at some other platforms, but they were a lot more expensive and were difficult or time-consuming to implement. They also had a lot of features, but some things we didn't necessarily need. I wanted something lighter, simple to use, simple to set up. When I saw Cronofy in action, it made sense.”

- João Braga | Global Talent Acquisition Specialist

It was important that the scheduling tool they chose integrated with Lever, as they needed everything to speak to each other to keep things as efficient as possible. They saw how seamlessly Cronofy worked within Lever; they could set up an interview without leaving the platform, even for complex multi-person use cases.

Another deciding factor was our Pay As You Go payment model. VoiceMod can pay per user and hence only pay what they need, rather than having to commit to an expensive annual subscription without even knowing if they like the product.


Since the VoiceMod TA team has started using Cronofy, scheduling interviews is no longer a burden. It takes seconds to set up even complex, multi-person interviews, instead of the hours it was taking previously. The scheduling process is efficient and seamless for everyone involved.

“Interview scheduling took up so much of our time before –now it’s much quicker. For example, we have our daily morning meetings, and before all of us would list scheduling interviews as a task, maybe dedicating one hour of the day to it. Now, no one even mentions scheduling interviews as a task, because it’s so quick and simple.”

- João Braga | Global Talent Acquisition Specialist

The team is happy with how simple the tool is to use, and integrates so seamlessly into their Lever platform. Everything in done within Lever, no need to open a new tab – the candidate’s information is auto-filled into the scheduling request.

Thanks to Cronofy, rescheduling isn’t an issue anymore. The candidate has the power to reschedule themselves depending on the interviewer’s availability, and instantly updates everyone's calendars, which has saved a lot of time and hassle for the TA team, as well as improving the candidate experience which was an important factor to the Voicemod team.

The team has regular catch-ups with the Cronofy Customer Support and Success teams, to ensure they’re getting the most out of the tool. If they have any questions or difficulties, they can reach out and get a fast response, typically within 24 hours. They’ve also been able to feed back and put forward ideas for new features and improvements, which Cronofy has been receptive to.

“Customer support has been perfect. Once per month, we have a catch up session, and can also reach out whenever we need something and generally get a response within the same day. So it’s great, for me the customer support right now is five stars.”

- João Braga | Global Talent Acquisition Specialist

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