Real-time calendar synchronization for telemarketing with SalesTarget

SalesTarget is a telemarketing software helping businesses identify and engage with their leads and prospects.

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Calendar API

"Calendar Integration was a feature we were really keen to offer our users. It allows them to automate the appointment booking process which has become a real selling point of our solution."

John Wierda

CEO & Founder, SalesTarget

SalesTarget is a telemarketing software helping businesses identify and engage with their leads and prospects. Clients can load a list of contacts into the platform, segment them and assign them to their teams of specialized telemarketers. SalesTarget is especially useful for businesses looking to leverage the skills of their staff on highly targeted segments of prospects.

Getting a list of prospects is the easy part but starting a conversation and identifying their needs is much harder. Cold calling can only be successful if you manage to establish a relationship based on understanding the prospects’ needs, which is where a tool like SalesTarget – which focuses on the long term – comes into play. When the telemarketing process comes to an end the qualified prospects can be transferred to the Sales team and meetings can be arranged to establish face-to-face contact and close deals.

How it works

To operate a seamless transition between the telemarketers in call centers and sales teams on the ground it is important to provide the telemarketer operators with a real-time view of the sales team’s schedules. With the Cronofy Calendar API SalesTarget’s users can connect their organizations’ calendars with the platform.

Once the telemarketers have reached the part of the process when they need to transfer the lead to a sales person they can filter the list of sales people based on availability and location. Thanks to the Calendar Integration built with the Cronofy API they can also access their calendars, check their availability at the date and time proposed by the prospect and directly add a meeting as a calendar event. The sales person then receives a calendar notification and can start planning his meeting.

This makes for a sleek and automated process, there is no need for a back and forth between the telemarketer and the sales team to find the right person and the right time. Meetings can be booked whilst on the phone with the prospect without risking losing their interest.

By adding Calendar synchronization to their platform, SalesTarget is now able to facilitate the lives of their clients’ staff, improve the sales process and provide a better experience to the end-user.

What we learned

Investing time and resources in Calendar Integration doesn’t have to be daunting with the Cronofy Calendar API. The development team at SalesTarget was focused on adding new scheduling features to their solution. They found the API easy to use but we could have made their lives simpler by providing Sample Apps to get them started. We are now in the process of building a library of Sample Apps that you can use to get up and running faster.

"We wanted to provide our clients’ teams with a real-time view of the sales persons’ schedules and enable telemarketers to book meetings based on their availability. The Cronofy Calendar API allows us to do just that."

John Wierda | CEO & Founder, SalesTarget

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